What is an Inverter Pool Heat Pump?

What is an Inverter Pool Heat Pump?

An inverter pool heat pump is a cost, and energy efficient way to ensure your pool is at swimming temperature throughout the warmer seasons. The technology in inverter pool heat pumps ensures your swimming pool water temperature is consistently maintained at what you set it to.

The Technology in Inverter Pool Heat Pumps

Through the process of drawing warm air from the atmosphere and then transferring that heat into your outdoor swimming pool, inverter pool heat pumps can provide a consistent water temperature. Because they can draw heat from the atmosphere in all conditions, this makes them more consistent than solar pool heating systems.

For convenience and consistency, the inverter swimming pool heat pump allows you to set a desired water temperature and this will be attained automatically by the pool heat pump. Inverter technology allows set temperatures to be reached and maintained more precisely and efficiently than other heating systems. In some inverter pool heat pumps, full control is available from your device, with a wi-fi control feature.

Variable Speed Compressor Technology

The inverter pool heat pump technology also allows you to modulate the speed of the compressor. This function ensures efficiency is maximised and costs are reduced due to lower energy consumption.

The variable speed compressor feature functions by only drawing the power it requires based on the set pool temperature. The capacity of the inverter pool heat pump to self-modulate is the reason these systems provide consistent water temperature which gives you peace of mind that your swimming pool will be ready to swim in throughout the season.

Inverter pool heat pumps allow your family to get maximum enjoyment out of your swimming pool over summer through efficiency and consistent performance. At Supreme Heating, we offer three extremely efficient inverter heat pump products that come in a range of sizes including; the Heatseeker Vortex Inverter Pool Heat Pump, Heatseeker VortexPro Inverter Pool Heat Pump and Heatseeker Vortex C Inverter Pool Heat Pump.

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