Integrated Roller Systems

Inground and Compact Pool Cover Rollers

Incorporating inground pool cover rollers into your swimming pool area, whether it's a new addition or an existing setup, is a fantastic enhancement. Once these rollers are set up, they offer a visually appealing space for leisure and social gatherings.
Designed and manufactured in Australia, these roller systems are constructed from recycled structural rigid PVC. Moreover, they feature an anodized aluminium cover, ensuring exceptional durability against weathering and chemical corrosion, with no concerns about rust.
  • No risk of rust
  • Recycled Rigid PVC
  • No chemical corrosion
  • Resistant to weathering
  • Anodised aluminium lid
  • Flush to decking or paving
  • Manual rolling mechanism
  • Fitted with a 3 – 1 ratio gear box
  • Optional electrical motor available

About Integrated Roller Systems

Integrated roller systems are available in a Standard or Compact size.

STANDARD MODEL: 526 mm x 506 mm Box
Suitable for pools up to 10m in length and 5.5 m in width using the Supreme Heating Diamond pool cover range

COMPACT MODEL: 364 mm x 366 mm Box
Suitable for pools up to 7m in length and 4.25m in width using the Supreme Heating Diamond pool cover range.

Integrated Roller Systems Support

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