Energy Efficient Pool Heating Solutions

Energy Efficient Pool Heating Solutions

Energy Efficient Pool Heating Solutions

An evolution in solar power.

Solar panels? Solar pool heating? What exactly is the best way to use your roof?

Unless you’ve an enormous roof, you’ll probably find yourself having to choose whether you want to generate electricity or heat your pool. Install solar panels and you’ll reduce your household energy costs but you’ll still have to find a way to heat your pool. Go with solar pool heating and you’ll warm your water extremely efficiently, but it won’t help you reduce your electricity bill.

The good news is that with Heatseeker DualSun, you no longer have to choose. It’s a hybrid PV thermal panel that simultaneously produces electricity and heats your pool. That’s right, it does both. And amazingly, when the two work together, they actually benefit each other.

It’s all down to physics. Standard solar PV panels generate more heat (82.8%) than electricity (17.2%) when exposed to the sun. And, because their most efficient operating temperature is 25oC, for every degree above that the panels lose efficiency. Because of this, solar panels sometimes produce more electricity on mild days than on hot days—it’s so hot on our Australian roofs that if it wasn’t for the extended daylight hours, they might even produce less power in the summer than in the winter!

What’s so innovative about the Heatseeker DualSun is that it transfers the excess heat generated by the solar panels into the heat exchanger to produce heated water. In the process, the circulating water cools the PV cells. This perfect partnership means a DualSun installation can produce up to 4 times more energy than a standard solar PV system.

It really is a win-win solution. Not only can you reduce your household electricity bills, you can run your pool equipment—and heat the water—for free! And depending on the size of the installation you may even be able to run a heat pump and swim all year round.

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