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Pool covers are a must-have for any pool owner, but they can be tricky to manage. They're bulky and awkward and can be a hassle to roll on and off your pool. That's why we recommend using Supreme Heating's pool cover roller systems.

Supreme Heating’s pool roller systems are made from a stainless steel frame and powder coated for added protection in Coastal regions. The stainless steel roller systems come with a wheel, handle and brake to ensure your cover is easy to wind on and off. The heavy-duty castor wheels allow for full mobility and the ease to store away from the pool if necessary. Download our product brochure today, or contact us for a free quote!

About Roller Systems

SR2H Roller (including Sun Cover)

  • Tube Size: 85 mm – 90 mm *
  • Max Width: 5.0 m
  • Max Size: 50 m2

SR3H Roller (including Sun Cover)

  • Tube Size 105 mm – 110 mm *
  • Max Width: 6.5 m
  • Max Size: 75 m2

*telescopic-inner and outer tube diameters.

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