Heatseeker DualSun

Commercial Hybrid Pool Heating

Supplement your hot water requirements and reduce operating expenses for commercial swimming pools and buildings.

About Heatseeker DualSun

Commercial Pool Heating

How do Aquatic Centres stay relevant and continue to deliver value for their local community in a world of increasing challenges?

Supreme Heating recognise the importance of understanding socio-demographic drivers in the community and responding through the provision of social and recreation assets. Modern Aquatic Centres require a culture that not only supports continuing transformation, but one that is sustainable, adaptable and durable.

Environmental sustainability and responsiveness are essential to meet the highest performance standards for living and working. Sustainability is no longer an optional extra, but a fundamental aspect of functional design. Great design creates ongoing value for people and communities while minimising costs over time.

Value is also realised in the form of reducing operating expenses. Within the current environment of spiralling utility costs, we look towards innovation for the next generation solutions.

Supreme Heating’s Heatseeker DualSun Hybrid Thermal/PV panel is one such technology. With its ability to provide sustainable & renewable solar energy, in the form of electricity and thermally heated water in one panel, this innovative technology helps to DRIVE DOWN THE OPERATIONAL EXPENDUATURE of Aquatic Centre’s, allowing budget to be placed back into community programs, extending the centre’s value.

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