Pool Heat Pump Control Options

We understand the importance of effortless control when it comes to managing your pool’s temperature, especially during different seasons. Our pool heat pumps come equipped with cutting-edge technology and multiple control options to suit your needs.

pool heat pump Wi-Fi control mobile app

Standard Control: Direct WiFi Smartphone App

All our heat pumps are equipped with a user-friendly smartphone app that allows you to control and monitor your pool’s temperature from anywhere. The app provides real-time updates, scheduling options, and intuitive controls, ensuring you have complete command over your pool’s heating system.

Optional Control Upgrades:

Switch heat pump automation controller

Vortex and Nova Switch

The Switch is an optional plug-and-play automation unit, recommended for heat pump systems with independent circulation pumps. Its seamless integration during the initial installation of the heat pump eliminates the need for additional explanations or hassle for electricians. This control unit offers enhanced automation and control, streamlining the operation of your heat pump system.

Download Nova-Switch Instructions

Download Vortex-Switch Instructions

Link pool heater controller

Vortex and Nova Link

For pools where the heat pump shares the same water line with the filtration system, the Link becomes essential. Operating the heat pump beyond filtration hours often poses a challenge. The Link solves this by activating the filtration water pump and disabling salt chlorinator production, allowing efficient warming without over-chlorination outside designated filtration hours.

Download Nova-Link Instructions

Download Vortex-Link Instructions

Aquatek smart pool heat pump controller

AquaTek for Smart Home Integration

Introducing AquaTek, an advanced smart home automation option for seamless integration of your pool heat pump into your smart home ecosystem. With AquaTek, you can effortlessly control your pool’s temperature along with other smart home devices, providing unparalleled convenience and control at your fingertips.