Heatseeker DualSun

Residential Hybrid Pool Heating

Convert your investment into the zero energy pool, freeing yourself from the electricity companies by creating your own clean, reliable and 100% renewable energy.

About Heatseeker DualSun

The zero energy pool

Consumers look for unique and eco-friendly homes, incorporating solar design and efficiency, whilst enjoying the luxuries of life. In a world where space can be a constraint, the ability to consolidate energy generation sources is vital.

There’s no doubt that your swimming pool contributes a significant amount towards your electricity bill during swimming season. Whilst this may pose economic challenges to the average pool owner, the increasing impact on the environment’s natural resources has long lasting and far reaching effects.

Heatseeker DualSun provides a powerful solution for the swimming pool and spa industry, and more importantly for pool owners. The simultaneous generation of electricity and heated water allows the ongoing energy consumption of a pool to be neutralised, and avoid any government legislation that could negatively impact the industry.

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Photovoltaic and thermal performance

The power output of any PV panel depends on the temperature of the panel. Standard PV performance declines as it begins to warm up from the start of the day. This can lead to standard PV losing up to 20% efficiency.

Conversely, the DualSun panel, with its inbuilt heat exchanger, extracts the heat away from the PV cells, allowing it to run at maximum efficiency, effectively giving it 20% MORE power output than a standard PV panel.

supreme heating

The heat output from the DualSun Panel is transferred into the water circuit running via the panels heat exchanger. This heated water is then collected and piped directly into your pool, effectively raising the temperature of the swimming water, helping to extend your swimming season. The additional electric performance can be utilised by your house, or stored in batteries for night time usage.

DualSun technology enables a consolidated operation, utilising the most important asset of your house, preferably the north facing roof. No more contention between solar power and solar pool water heating with DualSun!

supreme heating