Heatseeker Plus

Premium Strip Solar Pool Heating

Designed and developed in 1992 by company founder and director Colin Mauger, Heatseeker Plus introduced an elliptical-shaped low-profile collector that created 30% more exposure to the sun’s energy and allowed 25% more tubing than the previous traditional round tube design.

  • Patented Design by Supreme Heating
  • 30% more exposure to sun
  • Compact width with 25% more roof coverage
  • Flexible design maximises roof usage (around solar panels and corners)
  • Australia's only full-length manifold
  • Exclusive to Supreme Heating
  • Up to 20 year warranty

The specially formulated Commercial grade compound and increased wall thickness of the Heatseeker Plus resulted in an extremely robust and durable product. These Heatseeker solar systems have provided renewable pool heating solutions to Tens of thousands of satisfied customers for over 30 years.

About Heatseeker Plus

Enhanced elliptical profile for increased exposure and rapid performance

Strip solar pool heating works by circulating water through a series of tubes (the collector) installed on a suitably positioned roof. As the pool water is circulated through the tubes, it is heated from the sun’s free energy and then returned to the pool. The water temperature can be managed by an automatic control system. The amount of heat absorbed and the subsequent increase in pool temperature depends on the system design, size of solar collector, and the type of control system used.

Developed in Australia in 1992 by Colin Mauger, Director of Supreme Heating, Heatseeker Plus Solar Pool Heating System features an elliptical profile, allowing up to 30% more exposure to solar radiation and therefore greater efficiencies.

Heatseeker Plus features an elliptical profile, allowing up to 30% more exposure to solar radiation and therefore greater efficiencies. Heatseeker Plus offers increased wall thickness, a lower profile and less spacing between tubes resulting in up to 25% more tubing than other systems.

The Heatseeker Plus traditional strip solar pool heating system is also available for commercial application. Please speak to your Supreme Heating representative to find out more.

Supreme Heating proudly offer Heatseeker Plus traditional strip solar pool heating systems across Australia in cities such as MelbourneSydneyBrisbaneAdelaide and Perth.

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Heatseeker Plus Profile
Heatseeker Plus Profile Plus

The sun provides a certain amount of energy per m2 for our collector to absorb. The Heatseeker profile is made from a specially formulated PVC nitrile material which capitalises on the available energy from the sun. The use of this material also eliminates the problem of premature failure in EPDM rubber based collectors, known as ‘tea leafing’. Each pool heating system is designed to suit the individual application, pool size, filtration equipment and roof type, which a trained consultant will consider when designing a Heatseeker solar pool heating system that is perfect for you and your pool.

Heatseeker Full Length Manifold
Australia’s only full length manifold

Supreme Heating has carefully researched and designed the Heatseeker manifold with the highest quality materials and cutting edge construction techniques. This ensures outstanding strength and durability, far superior to any other system.

Prefabricated in one continuous length, the Heatseeker manifold reduces leak potential which is common in sectional type manifolds.

Heatseeker Plus DIY Solar Pool Heating Kits

Are you handy around the home? Supreme Heating’s do-it-yourself Heatseeker Plus strip solar pool heating kits provide a great solution for those wanting to self-install traditional solar pool heating. Featuring the necessary components and comprehensive instructions, you’ll be swimming in a heated pool in no time.

Australian made,

bringing backyard dreams to life!

We understand when it comes to heating your pool there can be no compromise on quality. Supreme Heating’s Heatseeker Plus solar pool heating systems are 100% Australian made using premium quality products that are made to Australia’s high health and safety standards.