Australia’s First
R290 Pool Heat Pump

R290 is a new generation of eco-friendly refrigerants that will not damage the ozone layer if the gas is dissipated into the atmosphere. It also has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3 compared to 677 for conventional R32 refrigerants.

R290 has a high thermal performance and large cooling capacity per unit volume. Combined with high-efficiency titanium heat exchanger and advanced full inverter control, the Nova-Pro290 is capable of stable operation in cold weather and extending your swimming season to all year round.

Nova-Pro290 also can also be installed in limited spaces on the side of the building thanks to the unique air flow and side discharge.

No-Pro290 Features

About Nova-Pro290


  • R290 Refrigerant
  • Space Saving Side Discharge
  • Unique Airflow Design
  • Full Inverter Technology
  • 9kW to 28kW
  • Ultra Silent Operation
  • Running Air Temp. -25°C~43°C
  • Intelligent Defrosting
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for Smart APP Control

Smart Control Options:

Nova Switch: A plug and play automation unit recommended for heat pump systems with independent circulation pumps. Can be fitted during the installation of the heat pump, meaning no additional hassle or explanation required for the electrician. Optional extra.

Nova Link: When your heat pump shares the same water line with the filtration system, operating it automatically beyond filtration hours is not possible without the Link. This device activates the filtration water pump, disables salt chlorinator production, allowing the heat pump to efficiently warm the pool without over-chlorination outside of the filtration hours. Optional extra.

Nova-Pro290 Support

Product Brochure
User Manual
Troubleshooting Guide