SunVolt ACDC Heat Pump

WITH DIRECT PV PANEL CONNECTION – Government rebates apply!

Traditional heat pumps draw power from your home’s electrical grid. While you can optimise heating costs by utilising your existing PV panels to power the heat pump, this often results in most of the generated electricity being consumed by the heat pump, leaving minimal energy for your household needs or battery storage. SunVolt, on the other hand, can connect directly to its dedicated solar panels. This means you won’t need to install an AC to DC inverter or seek approval from your energy provider. These innovative heat pumps can still tap into grid AC electricity as a backup.

A direct DC-powered circulation pump ensures zero running costs, making this the perfect solution for seasonal or year-round swimming. The best part of SunVolt is that it preserves your household PV panel energy and eliminates electricity bills!

SunVolt Warranty

About SunVolt ACDC Heat Pump

  • Daytime savings up to 100% on heating costs using free Solar energy.
  • Up to 30% additional energy boost using direct DC power.
  • Preserves solar PV electricity for household use and battery storage.
  • Does not overload your homes existing electrical capacity.
  • Smart App connectivity for set and forget convenience.
  • Government rebates claimable – essentially covering the cost of PV panels.
  • Ideal off grid solution with enhanced heating from Sunup to Sundown.



  • Anti-corrosion body and titanium heat exchanger
  • Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant
  • Low-noise Brushless DC fan motor
  • Twin-rotary inverter compressor
  • 11 kW to 17 kW
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and remote control
  • Compatible with any solar panel with an MC4 connection
  • 100% Backup AC power gird connectivity
  • Optional grid AC power limiter from 0 to 300 W
  • Solar powered DC water pump available

SunVolt ACDC Heat Pump Support

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