Helping you save energy and water around the pool

Supreme Heating have long been committed to providing sustainable pool and spa heating solutions. We strive to deliver low-emission products that conserve water and consume less energy, whilst saving you money on energy bills.

our effort

Our effort

In conjunction with the design and manufacture of sustainable products, Supreme Heating is committed to educating consumers on making the right choice when it comes to pool heating solutions. Comfort levels, rising energy prices and increased awareness of responsible energy consumption are considered with each and every Supreme Heating customer.

The consumer is always encouraged to choose an option that utilises renewable energy, and will be sustainable long term, rather than the selection of a product for convenience.

The lowest impact form of heating is solar, followed by heat pumps and gas heaters. However, all options should be considered depending on geographical location, project requirements and performance expectations. Regardless of the chosen solution, the inclusion of a pool cover is always recommended.

Awarded Gold for Sustainability

Supreme Heating’s multiple award winning Heatseeker DualSun demonstrated the best energy savings and received Gold in the category of Sustainability by the Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA) – the swimming pool and spa peak industry body. Obtaining an overwhelmingly positive response from the industry, Heatseeker DualSun continued to win numerous Product of the Year Awards.

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