A solar pool cover is a great way to keep your swimming pool clean and warm. It reduces water evaporation to help you cut your water and energy bills. Our exclusive diamond-shaped pool covers are made in Australia and provide 14% more heat retention than traditional round bubble covers!

Benefits of pool covers

  • 97% reduced water evaporation
  • Up to 8°C temperature increase
  • Up to 70% less chemical usage
  • Up to 60% heating cost savings
  • Reduced debris and maintenance
  • Custom-made to size

At Supreme Heating we manufacture, supply and install pool covers and blankets in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth. We’ve been a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of swimming pool covers and rollers for over 30 years.

Pool Cover Climate Care Certified Australia

Our Solar Pool Covers & Roller Systems

solar pool cover diamond shape

Diamond Pool Covers

The new and improved Diamond-shaped swimming pool cover enhances insulation through the closer spacing and can increase your temperature by up to 8°C. This results in further energy savings and reduced water evaporation by up to 97%, providing water savings of approximately 50,000-70,000 litres per year (depending on your location in Australia) and will reduce your chemical consumption by up to 50-70%. The blanket is custom-made for domestic and commercial pools.

roller systems

Roller Systems

​Our easy-to-use roll-away system is more beneficial for consumers. It comes with a wheel, handle, and brake to ensure the cover is easy to wind on and off. The heavy-duty castor wheels allow for full mobility and the ease to store away from the pool if necessary, making it easy to keep your pool cover hidden. Made from a stainless steel frame and powder coated for added protection in coastal regions. Available for residential and commercial applications.

Inground Rollers

Incorporating inground cover rollers into your swimming pool area is a fantastic enhancement. Whether it’s a new addition or an existing setup, these rollers offer a visually appealing space for leisure and social gatherings. Designed and manufactured in Australia, these roller systems are made from structural rigid PVC. Moreover, they feature an anodized aluminium cover, ensuring exceptional durability against weathering and chemical corrosion, with no concerns about rust.

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Why Choose Supreme Heating

When it comes to pool covers, you want one that’s professionally engineered for your needs. With Supreme Heating, you get this and more! Here are just a few reasons why our clients love us:

years of experience

30+ Years of Experience

We’ve been in the business for more than 30 years, which means we know how to provide you with the best service and products possible. We’ve seen and improved more than our fair share of pools and developed expertise you can rely on.

a commitment to innovation

A Commitment to Innovation

We take pride in our ability to stay on top of the latest innovations in pool covers and other heating systems. You can rest easy knowing that when you choose Supreme Heating, you’re getting the best of the best.

gold standard

Gold Standard for Sustainability

Supreme Heating is proud to be an award-winning company. We’re honoured to have been awarded Gold for Sustainability by the Swimming Pool and Spa Association and the Australian Pool and Spa Awards for multiple years in a row. Our commitment to preserving the planet remains one of our core values.

on site safety

On-Site Safety

Supreme Heating will install your system of choice with care and attention to detail. When you choose us, we’ll inform you of every step of the process and ensure everything is done right. On-site safety is our priority, and we take it very seriously. You may rest assured that our OH&S-trained crew has taken all required safety precautions.

customised solutions

Customised Solutions

We have solutions whether you want an inground pool cover, deck pool cover, hidden pool cover or a custom-designed solution that fits your needs. We’ll go out of our way to make sure we understand your needs fully before we recommend anything.