Innovation is born of necessity, and continued innovation is central to the success of Supreme Heating. By understanding our customers, their needs, and the way they use swimming pools and spas, we have gained insights that encourage us to continuously rethink and improve pool heating systems.

We analyse trends and developments in the pool and spa industry so that our products can evolve to suit the changing environment of housing design and outdoor living spaces. As an industry leader, our obsession with quality and performance drives Supreme Heating further in product development every day.

Our culture is one of open innovation, allowing our team to work collaboratively to develop ideas that resonate with our customers whilst respecting the planet. Our emphasis on innovation and creativity isn’t limited to our design teams; we foster resourceful and imaginative thinking across the company.

Supreme Heating has been leading the industry in product innovations since the early 1990s. Solar pool heating product Heatseeker Plus has not only pioneered new, sustainable energy efficient technologies, but it is our extraordinary product design that really differentiates us as a company of creativity.

Heatseeker Plus

Our first significant leap of innovation was in traditional strip solar pool heating. Designed and developed in 1992 by company founder and Director, Colin Mauger, Heatseeker Plus introduced an elliptical shaped profile collector. Utilising the available energy from the sun, Heatseeker Plus allows increased exposure to solar radiation providing greater efficiencies.

heatseeker plus