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Solar Pool Heating restores ‘Off Grid’ Sustainable living for the Blue Mountains Property: A Case Study

Case Studies

Client Profile:

Situated in the picturesque Blue Mountains of Sydney, the homeowner owns a stunning off-the-grid property that provides B&B during the warmer months. They were faced with the challenge of efficiently heating their swimming pool while minimising the impact on their overall electricity consumption. The existing heat pump system, essential for 8 months of consistent pool heating, depleted a substantial portion of the solar-generated electricity during the day. This left limited energy for household use and battery storage. In search of a sustainable solution, the client explored alternatives to enhance pool heating while upholding the property’s aesthetic appeal.

Solar pool heating restores PV and heat pump utilisation for the Blue Mountains property


The main objective was to heat the pool efficiently without unnecessarily depleting the existing photovoltaic (PV) system. The current heat pump, though functional, was consuming an excessive amount of electricity and disrupting the overall energy equilibrium of the property. The client sought a solution that not only ensured guaranteed daily pool temperatures but also allowed surplus solar PV energy to be preserved and allocated to more important property needs.


After careful analysis, the installation of a Suntuf-Pro rigid panel solar pool heating system was identified as the most fitting solution. The system was meticulously designed to cover an area twice the area of the pool, guaranteeing powerful and efficient heating. The robust rigid panels, boasting a sleek black finish, harmonised seamlessly with the property’s aesthetics. The panels not only met the owner’s design vision but also aligned with the property’s energy efficiency needs.


In August 2023, the Suntuf-Pro rigid panel solar pool heating system was seamlessly incorporated into the property. The results were immediately apparent. The client witnessed a significant enhancement in pool temperature without being solely reliant on the heat pump. Within a brief timeframe post-installation, the pool temperature reached a comfortable 30°C, predominately driven by the solar heating system. Integrating the Suntuf-Pro system not only facilitated energy-efficient pool heating but also eased the strain on the heat pump. Peak outputs for the Heat pump are 28kW with a COP of 6.12. The Suntuf Pro system’s peak output is 63kW with an equivalent COP of 50. The enhanced power, efficiency and reduced load on the heat pump meant that surplus PV electricity was now accessible for property use and battery storage.


  • Nett Zero – Off Grid Sustainable Living Restored: The Suntuf-Pro system harnessed the abundant solar energy available on the property to significantly reduce the electrical consumption by the Heat Pump and free up surplus energy for battery storage.
  • Solar Heat Storage: Solar heating of the pool to 2°C more than the set temperature of the heat pump (30°C and 28°C in this case), makes the pool act as a heat reservoir. This allows for overnight heat losses and minimises the reliance on the Heat Pump for early morning recovery.
  • Decreased Environmental Footprint: Leveraging renewable solar energy for pool heating aligned with the client’s sustainability commitment and reduced reliance on non-renewable energy sources.


The successful integration of the Suntuf-Pro rigid panel solar pool heating system on the Blue Mountains property serves as a prime example of enabling pool owners to achieve efficient pool heating, optimise their PV electricity consumption, and elevate their energy self-sufficiency. The combination of solar pool heating and the existing heat pump not only improved pool comfort but also reduced the load on the heat pump and PV panels, resulting in a more environmentally conscious and self-sufficient approach to pool heating for this client.

Rigid Panel Solar Pool Heater installation case studyRigid Panel Solar Pool Heater installation in Sydeny


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