DIY Solar Pool Heating Kits

Are you looking to enjoy your pool for an extended season without breaking the bank? DIY solar pool heating kits are the answer. By harnessing the power of the sun, you can increase your pool’s temperature and enjoy comfortable swims even in cooler months.

Why Choose Solar Pool Heating?

Solar pool heating offers a range of benefits:

  • Cost Savings: By utilising free solar energy, you can significantly reduce your pool heating costs.
  • Extended Pool Season: Solar pool heating allows you to open your pool earlier in the Spring and keep it open later into the Autumn.
  • Eco-Friendly: Solar heating is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

Choosing the Right Solar Pool Heating Kit

To get started, you need to choose the right kit for your pool:

  • Sizing Your Kit: We recommend a minimum coverage of 100%, which means installing the same area as your pool’s surface area. For instance, if your pool measures 4 m x 8 m, 100% coverage would be 32 square meters of solar pool heating installed on your roof. For quicker heating and rapid heat gain, consider installing 150% or 200%. Using our 4×8 m pool example, this would mean 48 or 64 m2 of solar pool heating.
  • Types of Systems: Our solar pool heaters are available in kit form and come in various options, including Heatseeker Round, Heatseeker Plus, and Suntuf-Pro.

Heatseeker Round

Heatseeker Plus


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* Note: DIY solar pool heating kits are a great option, however, keep in mind that professional installation may be necessary in some cases. Always be aware of local regulations when installing such systems. The DIY kit only includes the headers and solar collectors. Additional piping required on the roof or to connect the solar system to your pool is not included in the kit. Please contact us for additional information.