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Your Most Common Pool Heat Pump Questions Answered


When you put in a new pool or move to a house with a pool, it’s an exciting time! Suddenly your options for summer fun have doubled, and you find yourself hosting all of the family get-togethers and holidays. But what about the rest of the year? You don’t want your kids’ (and your!) fun to be limited to a few months a year— and luckily for you all, it doesn’t have to be!

Our blog answers all your pool heat pump questions, including those you haven’t thought of yet! To find out even more or to get started pumping heat into your pool, contact us at Supreme Heating today.

Let’s Jump In!

What is a Heat Pump?

A pool heat pump gathers the heat from the air and collects it in its heating tank. It doesn’t need to be a scorcher of a day, either— as long as the outside temperature is above the 7–10-degree range, it does its job! The pump heats the water and increases its temperature by 3-5 degrees, then pumps the warmed water back into the pool, making your swimming experience much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Heat pumps can easily last for 10-20 years, and even longer if well-maintained and cared for, making them a great investment.

Why Should I Use a Heat Pump?

If you’re averse to swimming (or sitting, or standing, or splashing…) in cold water, a heat pump is right up your alley. They’re reliable, as they’re not dependent on the amount of sun they receive. They have a long-life span, they don’t emit any pollution, and most pool heat pumps can also cool down your pool! Even in the tropics where you think the last thing you need for your pool is a heat pump— think again!

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

You want science? You got it! While a pool heat pump uses electricity, it doesn’t actually generate heat. They draw in heat from the outside air using a fan, which is then circulated through an outer evaporator air coil. The coil contains liquid refrigerant, and this absorbs the heat and transforms it into a gas.

The warm gas in the coil goes through the compressor, which turns the heat up further, making an even hotter gas that passes through the hot exchanger condenser. The swimming pool water is then circulated, passed through a filter, and then the water heater. Using the heat exchanger, the hot gas transfers its heat to the water, and ta-da! A nice warm pool for all to enjoy.

What are the Ongoing Costs Associated with Using a Heat Pump?

The running costs of a heat pump vary depending on a number of factors, such as the ambient temperature, the size of the heat pump, and whether or not the heat pump is paired with another system like a solar system. For a cost estimation for your pool, contact us at Supreme Heating.

How Do I Maintain My Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are generally low maintenance and pretty drama-free! Individual heat pumps will vary but as a general rule of thumb, they will need routine maintenance once a year. Keep them free of leaves, pine needles, bugs, and anything else not supposed to be in there, and your heat pump will last you a long time.

How Many Hours a Day Should I Run My Heat Pump?

We recommend running your pool heat pump for 10-12 hours a day during summer, and 6-8 hours a day during winter. This difference is because algae tends to grow in warmer temperatures, so keeping your heat pump on for longer during the warmer months will help to filter algae out.

Should I Choose a Heat Pump or Solar Pool Heating?

The type of heating you choose for your pool depends on a lot of things such as the size of your pool, where you live, and your lifestyle. To find your ideal pool heating solution, check out our fast and free calculator:


What is Inverter Heat Pump Technology?

Inverter technology is a cost- and energy-efficient way to keep your pool at your ideal temperature, no matter what season it is. Inverter technology lets you draw in heat from the atmosphere whatever the weather, so even when outside is unpredictable, you know what you’re getting into before you jump in your pool.

What Heat Pump Options Are Offered by Supreme Heating?

At Supreme Heating we have all the solutions to your pool heating needs! We’ve invented and built three energy efficient pool heat pumps in different sizes, so when a pool heat pump is what you’re after, we have an option to suit you.

Our Heatseeker VortexE Inverter comes in sizes from 9kW to 17kW and can get up to 9.9 COP (coefficient of performance) score.

The Heatseeker VortexPro has the cooling option as well as heating and boasts up to 15 COP! It comes in sizes from 10kW to 35kW.

The Heatseeker Vortex C Inverter is our commercial-grade pool heat pump, delivering 16 COP and heating pools up to 400,000 litres in size.

Ready to Dive In?

Don’t spend another day in a subpar temperature pool! At Supreme Heating we make and supply a variety of pool heat pumps for pools of every size, all across Australia. With locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, there’s bound to be one near you. To pump up the heat in your pool, contact us today for a free quote.



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