Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Vortex-E pool heat pump

Our Heatseeker Vortex-E inverter pool heat pumps are designed to heat the pool by extracting heat from the outside air. The unique and innovative DC inverter technology uses a variable-speed compressor which offers greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

The spiral titanium heat exchanger combined with the super-quiet operation and soft start technology further enhances the efficiency and lifespan of the Heatseeker Vortex-E inverter pool heat pump.

  • Spiral titanium heat exchanger
  • Variable speed compressor
  • Wi-fi control
  • Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant
  • Heating mode only

Heatseeker Vortex is our domestic and commercial range of inverter heat pumps that provide enhanced performance and reduced electrical consumption.

About Vortex-E

The latest in pool heat pump technology

As the needs and lifestyle of consumers change, so do the demands for pool heating. The advancement of inverter heat pump technology sees us take the next step beyond our national award winning Heatseeker Nova series and introduce our new Heatseeker Vortex range.

Vortex-E Support

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