The Importance Of An Annual Solar Pool Heating Service

The Importance Of An Annual Solar Pool Heating Service

You’ll want your solar pool heating running perfectly come summer.

Annual Solar Pool Heating Service & Repairs

Even though the thought of going might fill you with fear, you probably still visit the dentist at least once a year. Why? Because you know that spending money on a regular trip to the dentist protects your teeth in the long run. If there is an issue, it’ll be much easier to manage if it’s found quickly, compared to a problem that has been there for years.

Once you’ve made an investment in solar pool heating, you should follow the same principle. When the summer months come around, you’ll want the heat pump, the sensors and the collectors working as well as possible so you can maximise your swimming season. The trouble is, most people don’t find out there’s something wrong with their solar pool heating until that first, scorching day of spring. And if that happens to you, you’ll be disappointed and, more importantly, swimming in water that is much colder than you’d like.

An annual service will make sure that when you’re ready to use your solar pool heating, it’s able to perform its task. At Supreme Heating, we can conduct servicing, maintenance and repair. And if you have the service completed during the winter months, even if we find a problem it won’t impact your swimming season.

As part of the service we’ll ensure your equipment is in good working order and check the collectors for the kind of damage caused by wildlife and storms because, if they are not working in the way they should, you’ll be struggling to heat your pool efficiently. We’ll also check the other components of your system to make sure there are no leaks or problems that require fixing.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of servicing your solar pool heating every year, call Supreme Heating on 1300 787 978.

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