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What Temperature Should My Spa Be At

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What Temperature Should My Spa Be At?

It’s great to know that at the end of a long, hard day, you can jump in your spa and relax. The water soothes your sore muscles, and your worries float away with the bubbles before popping and disappearing. And while the warm water feels great most of the time, you know all too well how sometimes it can be a tad too warm. Or too cold! So what temperature should your spa be at?

This blog discovers the ideal temperature for your spa depending on your individual circumstances and preferences. For further advice, contact our team at Supreme Heating today.

What Temperature Should My Spa Be At, And Why?

The ideal temperature for your spa depends on a variety of factors. From manufacturer guidelines to personal preference, from health conditions to the time of year, your ideal temperature can fluctuate often.

The maximum temperature spas can be adjusted to is generally 40 degrees Celsius, for health and safety reasons. However, this is typically too hot for most people. The average body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius and so any higher than that can be uncomfortable. Most manufacturers recommend outdoor spas be set to 36-37 degrees Celsius.

When you first get your spa, you may need to go through a trial and error process to find your ideal temperature. Start with it at 36 or 37 degrees, and adjust as necessary to find your spa sweet spot. Be careful to go slowly and not too high, as having your spa temperature set too high can be dangerous for your health.

How to Pick the Right Temperature For You

This sweet spot depends on the time of year, your age, and your health.

Over summer you’ll likely want your spa to be at a slightly lower temperature to keep you from overheating, while in winter you may want to turn it up so you can leave the cold behind.

The elderly, people who are pregnant, and those with heart conditions should consult with a medical professional before using a spa. If you’re given the go-ahead, set it to a maximum of 36-37 degrees (or lower if that’s recommended for you).

For children, spas should be set at a maximum of 35 degrees Celsius. This is because children can’t regulate their body temperature as well as adults can, and toddlers in particular are more sensitive to temperature.

What About Swim Spas?

Swim spas will run at a different, lower temperature than regular spas. This is because swim spas are used for a slightly different purpose. While your regular spa is great for relaxing or spending time with friends or family, a swim spa encourages you to be more active. Whether that’s swimming, hydrotherapy, or another aquatic exercise, you’ll be warming your body temperature naturally with whatever movement you’re doing.

For this reason, swim spas should be set to around 26 degrees Celsius so that you don’t overheat, and can use your swim spa for your preferred water activity.

What If My Spa Is Too Hot?

Having your spa at 40 degrees Celsius or above can be harmful to your health. You can spend a very short period of time in your spa at this temperature, but generally it’s not recommended.

This is because sitting in such high temperatures can increase your body temperature, leading to dehydration, hyperthermia, and heatstroke. It can also cause skin rashes, cramps, and exhaustion, so you’re likely to feel worse getting out than you did before you got in!

What Is My Spa Is Too Cold?

We all know the feeling of stepping into cold water when we were expecting it to be warmer. The ocean in January isn’t always as warm as it looks!

While a colder spa than you’d like isn’t likely to cause any health issues, it can certainly affect the comfortability of your spa experience. When your intention is to relax, the water being just that little bit too cold can really draw your attention to it, keeping you from unwinding.

The Benefits of Finding The Perfect Temperature

Spas come with a great number of health benefits. Provided you find the right temperature, you can enjoy better sleep, fewer headaches, and a decrease in blood pressure. For swim spas, there’s also the benefit of improving your cardiovascular health through swimming or hydrotherapy.

Need a Heat Pump For Your Spa?

If your spa temperature has been bothering you, we hope this article helped you to find your spa sweet spot! At Supreme Heating we’ve been heating pools and spas across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane for over 30 years. For a free quote regarding heating your spa, give us a call on 1300 787 978 or send us an enquiry.


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