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Solar Pool Heating – FAQ’s


Supreme Heating’s range of solar pool heating products are designed to minimise running costs and CO² emissions, whilst ensuring you, your family and pool friendly neighbours get maximum fun, value and exercise out of that big watery investment in the backyard.

Call us to find out how we can assist and support you in designing a system specific to your lifestyle.

How does Solar Pool Heating Work?

Pool water is circulated through the collector installed on a suitably positioned roof. As the pool water is circulated, it is heated from the sun’s free energy and then returned to the pool. The water temperature can be managed by an automatic control system.

This form of heating is very inexpensive to operate and is ecologically friendly unlike fossil fuel heaters (gas or electric), which create pollution through their harmful products of combustion.


What is the best position to install solar?

The best position to install solar is a flat roof, a north facing roof, or alternatively, a west facing roof. Solar can also be installed on an east facing roof, if there are no other alternatives available. Solar installed on east facing roof may require additional collector to combat any efficiency loss due to the East orientation.


How much solar do I need?

We recommend you match each square meter of your pool’s surface area with the same coverage of solar on the roof. This will give you 100% coverage, maximising the heat absorption from the sun and ensuring the quickest possible heat up time for your pool.


What if I cannot get 100% solar coverage on my roof?

In this instance we recommend a Heatseeker Diamond Pool Cover & Roller in conjunction with your solar system. Pool Covers are without a doubt one of the great inventions in pool technology and will ensure the heat generated from your solar system is kept inside your pool and not evaporated into the air. Find out more about the Heatseeker Diamond Pool Cover Range here or contact a Supreme Heating consultant to request a quote.


How hot can I expect my pool to get?

A Supreme Heating solar system can add upwards of 10 degrees to your pool temperature when 100% coverage is installed. Please refer to the Solar Pool Heating product page for more detailed information or call a Supreme Heating office today for your personalised assessment.


Can my solar heating system be automated?

Yes, we have a smart solar controller which will turn your solar pump on & off when the roof becomes hot or cool, as well as heating up to a desired temperature set by you. Contact a Supreme consultant for more information.


Can solar heating be fitted to an existing pool?

Yes, a solar pool heating system can be easily installed to existing pools, whether the pool is old or new.

Can I add to the system if I want to at a later date?

In most instances yes, however this will depend upon your current solar pool heating system design. A Supreme Heating consultant will need to arrange an inspection of your existing system to provide you with the best solution for your home.


How much does a solar pump cost to run?

A solar pump, depending on its size, costs approximately $150-$300 a year to run. Using a solar pump in conjunction with a solar controller is the most efficient way to run a solar pool heating system because the controller will automatically turn on or off depending on the weather outside, saving you money on running costs.


What is the running cost difference between solar, heat pumps and gas heaters?

Solar is by far the cheapest option to heat your pool, followed by heat pumps, natural gas, LPG gas and electric element heating a distant last. The costs involved will vary depending on pool size, temperature, geographical location and local site conditions.


Why should I install a pool cover?

A Heatseeker Diamond Pool Cover will save you 50,000-70,000 litres in evaporation every year, add 15-23% heat into your pool by harnessing the free energy of the sun, as well as reducing chemical consumption by 50-70% and preventing leaves and other debris entering your pool. Find out more about our unique Heatseeker Diamond Pool Cover range here or contact a Supreme Heating consultant to request a quote.


I have a hole in my collector or a broken barb. Can I repair this myself?

Yes, simply purchase a Supreme Heating Repair Kit and download the relevant instructions:


My solar is leaking. Do you service other companies solar systems?

In most cases the answer is YES. Supreme Heating has a knowledgeable and experienced service department to help you with any enquiry.

Contact your nearest Supreme Heating office for more information.


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