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Do I Really Need a Pool Cover?


Pools can take a lot of effort to run smoothly— trust us, we know! As much work as pools can be, they’re well worth the time, money, and effort you put into them. But did you know that when it comes to pool maintenance, there are ways you can minimise the work you need to do? This one additional step can keep your pool in spick and span condition and allow you to use it all year round.

This blog explores the usefulness of pool covers and explains their benefits. To find out more or to buy a pool cover, contact us at Supreme Heating today.

What is a Pool Cover?

A pool cover is a blanket that tucks your pool in at night— or over winter— to keep your pool clean and warm as it sleeps. Whether it’s hibernating or just taking a day off, a pool cover will keep the heat in and the debris out, allowing you to use your pool as seamlessly as possible.

Why Should I Use a Pool Cover?

Pool covers provide a great range of benefits, including:

1. Keeps Your Pool Warmer for Longer

Even in the warmer months, you don’t want your pool to be icy cold! Sure, it sounds nice on a scorcher of a summer day, but, you’ll need at least a little warmth. And as for the rest of the year, you definitely want your pool water to be warm! When the outside temperature drops, so does the temperature of your pool water. A pool cover helps to retain the day’s heat so you can jump in the next day without fear of icebergs.

2. Reduces Chemical Usage

A pool cover will help you to cut down on the amount of chemicals you need to buy and use in your pool. This is because the pool cover acts as a protective barrier against leaves, debris, bugs, and dirty rain— all things that require you to use more chemicals to balance your pool’s water back to normal. While a pool cover doesn’t replace chemicals, it does significantly reduce the amount you need to keep your pool running and looking great.

3. Keeps Your Pool Cleaner

In the same way that a pool cover will help you reduce chemical usage, it will also help to keep your pool cleaner overall. With no way for falling leaves to get through the cover to the clean water, your water stays crystal clear, allowing you to jump in whenever you like. No more scooping those leaves day in and day out!

4. Reduces Maintenance, Energy, and Heating Costs

Bugs plus leaves plus debris equals maintenance, and that is maths we don’t like. Maths we do like, however, is the energy and heating costs a pool cover will save you. A pool cover can reduce water evaporation by 97%, which will help you save a considerable amount on your annual water bill. And as pool covers also trap in heat, using one will also help with heating and energy costs— sounds like a win-win to us!

5. Reduces Water Evaporation and Saves Water

Ninety. Seven. Percent. That’s a lot of water to save! Your wallet and the planet as a whole will thank you for it, and that’s a great feeling to have. By reducing water evaporation, you’re saving both water and money, which you can then spend on poolside entertainment, nibblies, and refreshments.

What Pool Cover Should I Get?

The type of pool cover you should get largely depends on your needs and your pool’s needs.

A winter pool cover will do as the name implies, completely covering the pool over winter to keep your chemical levels stable while you’re not using it. Their heat retention isn’t the best, though, and they don’t provide any safety protection.

A slatted pool cover is aesthetically pleasing, come in a variety of colours, and tend to trap heat in well. However, they’re not as effective as…

Heatseeker Diamond pool covers! Our diamond-shaped bubble pool cover allows for closer spacing than circular bubbles, meaning you’ll get the most insulation for your money. They offer 14.6% greater heat retention than traditional round bubble covers and can increase your pool’s temperature by up to 8 degrees.

Another excellent option is a stainless-steel roller system. They come with a wheel, handle, and brake for ease of use, and can even be stored out of the way when necessary. With their powder-coated stainless-steel frame, they work well in coastal areas as well.

Save Money and Time with a Supreme Heating Pool Cover

If you’re ready to save money and time, and spend that saved time relaxing in your clean and warm pool, what are you waiting for? With locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, our team at Supreme Heating is just around the corner to cover all your pool cover needs. To get a quote or to find out more, contact our team today!



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