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How You Can Make Your Pool A Zero Energy Pool


Did you know you can convert your investment into a zero-energy pool, freeing yourself from the electricity companies by creating your own clean, reliable and 100% renewable energy.

The way you do this is by investing in Heatseeker DualSun which produces 4 times more energy than standard PV. A Hybrid panel that simultaneously produces electricity and heating for your swimming pool. The electricity generated can cover all the electricity needs of your swimming pool and any surplus electricity can be self-consumed in your home or returned into the grid for a feed in tariff or a net metering program.

There’s no doubt that your swimming pool contributes a significant amount towards your electricity bill during swimming season. Whilst this may pose economic challenges to the average pool owner, the increasing impact on the environment’s natural resources has long lasting and far-reaching effects.

Heatseeker DualSun provides a powerful solution for the swimming pool and spa industry, and more importantly for pool owners. The simultaneous generation of electricity and heated water allows the ongoing energy consumption of a pool to be neutralized and avoid any government legislation that could negatively impact the industry.

How Does it work?

The conversion of light into electricity is called the photovoltaic effect. Solar panels convert energy from sunlight into direct current (DC) electrical energy, which is then changed into alternating current (AC) for your home’s electrical consumption. Excess energy can be fed into a battery storage system for later use or returned to the grid for a feed-in tariff or a net-metering program.

For the water component, as pool water is circulated through the heat exchanger integrated into the underside of the panel, it absorbs the heat energy created by the sunlight and photovoltaic effect. As a result, the water is heated and returned to the pool whilst simultaneously cooling the panel and allowing the PV electrical generation to be maintained at peak performance.

How about a government rebate?

The Australian Government Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme  creates a financial incentive for individuals and small businesses to install renewable energy systems such as DualSun. It does this through the creation of small-scale technology certificates (STCs).

STCs are provided ‘up front’ for the systems’ expected power generation over a 15-year period or, from 2017, from the installation year until 2030 when the scheme ends.

Generally, homeowners who purchase a DualSun system assign the right to create their certificates to a supplier/installer in return for a lower purchase price.

The number of STCs that can be created per system is based on its geographical location, installation date, and the amount of electricity that is generated or displaced by the system.

As a guide, one STC is equal to one megawatt hour of eligible renewable electricity.

What about your return on investment?

The Heatseeker DualSun system not only allows you to sleep easy at night knowing you’re making the responsible choice when it comes to powering your pool, it also provides an excellent return on your investment through tremendous savings in energy costs of up to $66,560 over the course of 20 years.

DualSun’s average daily production is 20.7kWh per day. The average swimming pool requirements (pumps, lighting and sanitation) is approximately 10kWh per day!

DualSun’s average daily production is 20.7kWh per day. The average swimming pool requirements (pumps, lighting and sanitation) is approximately 10kWh per day!

DualSun approximate initial investment = $18,500

Annual Savings = $3,328

Which means your investment pays for itself in 5.5 years and you can continue the reap the benefits for years to come.

Standard PV with heat pump initial investment = $16,000

Annual Savings = $1,675.00

Which means your investment pays for itself in 9.5 years and you can continue to reap the benefits for years to come.

(Data based on 5kW system on an average size (32m2) swimming pool heated to 28°C for 6 months in Melbourne, Australia with the use of a pool cover 12hrs/day and an electrical cost of 35.4c/kWh as per Origin Energy January 2018. Pool heating expense is based on the alternative use of an inverter heat pump with a COP of 10. Data assumes all generated electricity is used in the home.)

With DualSun, you can monitor your energy production levels as well as the performance and health of your system from an easy to access online interface. Generate reports, share your data and track the performance of your investment over time.

With a no-compromise approach to quality, all manufacturing is performed exclusively in France by trusted suppliers. With offices Australia-wide, Supreme Heating is DualSun’s exclusive distributor in the Australasian region.

To find out more about making your pool a zero-energy pool, contact out National Head Office on 1300 787 924 or head to out website and contact us today.


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