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World’s largest Dualsun PVT installation with 326 Dualsun panels

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Supreme Heating Brings the world’s largest solar installation to Australia

Dualsun Pvt Installation

Dualsun won a host of gold awards for sustainability and product of the year in 2018 when it was released in Australia. It is a hybrid solar PV, that simultaneously produces photovoltaic electricity for buildings and heated water for the pool. One footprint, two solutions.

Dedicated to sustainability and renewability, Supreme Heating has been paving the way towards a brighter future for over 30 years. Our objective is to extend your swimming season and abate costs. From household to commercial industries, our company caters to all. We are committed to delivering low-emission products that conserve water and consume less energy. The multi-award-winning, Dualsun, is a testament to that. Its solar electricity; revitalized and utilized to its full potential.

Compared to a standard PV, this solar cell can utilize up to four times more energy. The panel maintains the energy being produced and allows for peak performance by up to 20%. The system can function with greater optimal efficiency due to the water jacket that is attached to the underside of the PV panel.

The heat energy is removed from the panel by the cooler water that runs through the patented water jacket, providing an abundance of hot water for swimming pools. It can also extend to any other hot water application within your household or building. The system has an ever-lasting lifespan due to the water jacket not being exposed to UV radiation.

Worlds Largest Solar Installation

Supreme Heating’s latest project was installing 326 Dualsun panels, creating the world’s largest PVT system in the world. A two-in-one solution, producing The University of Queensland with electricity for their buildings and heated water for their three pools.

The university envisioned a community committed to green energy. Supreme Heating brought this to fruition with Dualsun, showcasing the benefits, not just environmentally but also economically. The roof space could not accommodate a separate PV electric panel and a conventional solar pool heating system; with our product, we were able to provide both in one footprint.

The system has succeeded to unite in one single panel two technologies to utilize the sun’s energy: solar photovoltaics for electricity generation and solar thermal for heated water production. Designed and manufactured in France, Heatseeker DualSun has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Australian market.

It is a hybrid multi-energy panel that consolidates two technologies into one panel. Designed for maximum flexibility, allows the panel to be compatible with numerous systems covering an array of building energy requirements.

More than just two technologies, DualSun has created a synergy that maximizes the sun’s energy. Designed and manufactured in France, Heatseeker DualSun has attained local Clean Energy Council (CEC) approval and has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Australian market.


Aerial View Dualsun Panel Installation

The revolutionary hybrid solar panel has been able to provide The University of Queensland with an initial 90% offset of all associated heating and with expected rising energy prices, will become one hundred percent renewable. Its sleek and innovative design appeals to the mass and requires minimal rooftop surface space. A sustainable and long-lasting solution for facilities heating requirements and electricity needs.

The zero-energy pool refers to people being able to create their own clean, reliable, and 100% renewable energy from Dualsun. The panels can neutralize the ongoing energy costs of pool heating with simultaneous generation of solar electricity and heated water, which reduces the expenses and CO2 output of associated fossil fuel heaters.

Supreme Heating takes pride in being the industry leaders. We continue to invest resources to ensure quality products and innovation, towards a sustainable future. Creating unique and powerful solutions for the swimming pools and spa industry, more importantly, pool and building owners.

For more information: Heatseeker Dualsun Solar Power and Thermal Water


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