Why you should consider solar pool heating

Why you should consider solar pool heating

There’s few things Aussies love more than a day by the pool with friends and family. Unfortunately, most swimming pools are used for less than three months of the year because they are too cold. You can increase the use of your pool by up to six months using the most economical and environmentally-friendly form of heating available – solar pool heating.

How solar pool heating works

Solar systems may vary, but the principal remains the same. Pool water is circulated through the collector, usually mounted on the roof, where heat is absorbed from the suns free energy and the heated water is then returned to the pool.

The amount of heat absorbed and the subsequent increase in pool temperature depends on the system design, size of collector, and the type of control system used.

  • Extended swimming season
  • Saves energy and reduces carbon footprint
  • Provides the lowest annual operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Protected from rising utility costs
  • Gives you a return on your investment


Financial benefits to choosing solar

Enhance Your Lifestyle

We understand that a pool is a considerable investment. To maximise your pool use during the swimming season, Supreme Heating’s diverse range of solar systems can guarantee a lifetime of family fun and entertainment.

Nobody Taxes the Sun

Using the sun’s free energy is without a doubt the most cost-effective way to heat your pool, and has been for centuries. Our unique solar designs will rapidly absorb the heat from the sun, slashing your bills and saving you money.

Retain heat and save water with a Heatseeker Diamond pool cover

Pool and spa covers are without a doubt one of the great inventions in pool technology. Once the swimming pool is heated, the best way to ensure the heat stays there all year round is with a cover.

A pool or spa cover performs a multitude of tasks. Increasing heat retention and eliminating evaporation by up to 97% are the most obvious. They also reduce the operating costs in terms of maintenance and pool chemical consumption whilst keeping out debris commonly found in pools, such as dirt, leaves and insects.


Environmental benefits to choosing solar pool heating

Solar heating is the most environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool. Whilst performance is reliant on seasonal conditions, solar remains the ultimate in low emission pool heating.

Harness the power of the sun

Supreme Heating’s passion and commitment to providing our customers with innovative and energy efficient products ensures minimal impact on the environment. Solar pool heating produces zero greenhouse emissions, saving energy and reducing running costs.

Health benefits to choosing solar pool heating

With water surrounding us on all sides, it’s no wonder that swimming is one of Australia’s most popular sports. Besides being a fun and relaxing way to exercise, the health benefits to swimming are another great reason for you to jump in the pool.

  • Swimming is a low impact form exercise that you can continue for a lifetime
  • Swimming is a great way to build endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness to contribute heart and lung health and to maintain a healthy weight
  • Swimming is a full body exercise which uses almost all of your muscles
  • Swimming has been shown to alleviate stress and improve mental health
  • Swimming has been shown to improve coordination, balance, posture and flexibility


Why Supreme Heating Solar Pool Heating

Supreme Heating have been leading the industry with product innovations since the early 1990’s. Pioneering new, sustainable energy efficient solar products such as Heatseeker Plus and the multiple award winning Heatseeker UniPanel®, our commitment to design, creativity and continued innovation is what really differentiates us as a company.

Heatseeker Plus

Our first significant leap of innovation was in traditional strip solar pool heating. Designed and developed in 1992 by company founder and director, Colin Mauger, Heatseeker Plus introduced an elliptical shaped profile collector. Utilising the available energy from the sun, Heatseeker Plus allows increased exposure to solar radiation providing greater efficiencies.

Heatseeker UniPanel®

Taking the concept of rigid solar pool heating to the next level, our team developed the Heatseeker UniPanel® universal solar pool heating system. Colin Mauger was able to draw on a wealth of knowledge from more than thirty years in the industry, combined with the innovative attitude of his eldest son, James. Market drivers such as Mother Nature, sustainability, performance efficiency, consumer taste and expectations, housing design and associated obstacles such as solar photovoltaic electricity panels and smaller roof space added to the need to develop Heatseeker UniPanel®. A culmination of more than two years of collaborative research and development through their combined understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of pool heating systems saw Heatseeker UniPanel® come to fruition.

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