The evolution of solar power

DualSun’s hybrid solar PV thermal technology is based on two principles:

  1. Standard solar panels generate much more heat (82.8%) than electricity (17.2%) when exposed to the sun.
  2. The efficiency of solar panels decreases as the surface temperature increases.

The innovative DualSun hybrid solar panel utilises the excess heat from the PV cells, transferring it to the heat exchanger to produce heated water. In the process, the water circulation cools the PV cells, increasing efficiency by up to 20%. Therefore, a DualSun installation can utilise up to 4 times more energy than a standard photovoltaic panel installation.

A solar panel specifically designed for pools

Innovative heat exchanger

The Heatseeker DualSun heat exchanger is completely integrated into the underside of the panel, allowing for excellent heat transfer between the photovoltaic surface and the water flow. This heat transfer allows for solar electrical generation to be maintained at peak performance



Ultra thin design

Who says good things don’t come in small packages? The enhanced Heatseeker DualSun hybrid solar PV thermal panel is the same size as a standard solar panel (156mm cell, 60 cells) and presents in a neat and aesthetically pleasing manner on any roof.



High performance photovoltaics

Heatseeker DualSun’s high efficiency monocrystalline cells are cooled by water circulation in the integrated heat exchanger, allowing solar electricity generation to be maintained at peak performance.