Types of Solar Pool Heating Systems

Types of Solar Pool Heating Systems

Our collection of Heatseeker collectors.

If you’re looking to heat your pool efficiently, it’s hard to look past the power of the sun. It’s a great, durable way to reduce bills and extend your swimming season. But there are many different types of solar pool heating systems. So which one is best for you?

At Supreme Heating, we offer four types of solar heating, all of them extremely efficient and innovative. The round profile of our PVC nitrile collectors in the Heatseeker range are designed to maximise the area that is exposed to the sun. In our Heatseeker Plus range, we take that exposure one step further with an even more efficient elliptical profile. Both systems benefit from Australia’s only full length manifold, which reduces the potential for leaks. What’s more, they are effective and simple—so simple that we also offer kits for self-installation.

Our Heatseeker Suntuf represents a more durable approach to rooftop solar. As a series of panels—the strongest of its kind available in Australia—it is robust and flexible enough to withstand extreme wind, hail and storms. And for those who are aware of the kind of damage that birds can do to buildings, the Suntuf is bird resistant.

The Heatseeker Maxi is an evacuated tube solar pool heating system ideal for indoor, lap pool and commercial applications, where year round heating is required. Each tube consists of an inner and outer glass tube that have been vacuum sealed together. Solar energy is absorbed through the strong, highly transparent tubes and transferred to a copper heat pipe inside, which heats the water. This is the best performing type of solar collector as it is more effective on cold and cloudy days. In fact, compared to a normal, strip pool heating solution, it can be more than twice as efficient.

With such a range to choose from, call Supreme Heating on 1300 787 978 and we’ll help you to work out which of our solar pool heating solutions is the right one for you. 

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