Top 10 Solar Pool Heating FAQs

Top 10 Solar Pool Heating FAQs

The one-stop shop for all your questions about solar pool heating.

top 10 solar pool heating frequently asked questions

At Supreme Heating, we’ll do everything we can to help you make the right choices. Every day, our customers ask us lots of questions, so we thought we’d share the top 10 with you.

  1. How does solar pool heating work?

Solar pool heating is inexpensive to operate and environmentally friendly. Water is pumped from your pool to your roof and circulated through collectors that absorb the warmth of the sun. As it passes through, the water is heated and then returned to the pool.

  1. How much solar do I need?

At Supreme Heating, we recommend you should match the surface area of your pool with the same area of solar on your roof. Why? Because your pool loses 75% of its heat through evaporation, mostly from the surface of your pool. Get the right amount of solar on your roof and it will replace that lost heat faster.

  1. Does solar heating work when it’s cloudy?

It’s heat that warms the water on your roof, so as long as it is a warm day your solar heating will still warm the water. But on cloudy days it won’t be as efficient.

  1. How warm will my pool be?

With solar heating, during the summer months you should be able to reach a temperature of between 28oC and 32oC. Of course, that does depend on the weather and how much solar heating you have installed.

  1. What’s the ideal temperature for my pool?

Well that depends on you. The ideal pool temperature is 28oC, but the beauty of solar heating is that you can choose how warm you like it.

  1. How long will it take to heat my pool?

That depends to a large extent on how warm the day is. Remember, perhaps the most critical part of keeping your pool warm is retaining the existing heat. Make sure you invest in a pool cover—an uncovered pool loses 2-3 times more heat.

  1. How much does solar heating cost to run?

Solar is certainly the cheapest way to heat your pool. The costs will vary according to the pool size, location, weather and, of course, your desired temperature. The higher the temperature, the longer you will have to run the pump for.

  1. How long will my swimming season be?

Much depends on your location, but we suggest solar heating will extend your swimming season to about 6-8 months of the year.

  1. Do I need to maintain my solar heating?

Solar heating is durable and should last for around 15 years. We do recommend that you give it an annual service—it’s better to find any problems before they become costly to fix.

  1. Do I still need a pool cover?

Without a pool cover you can still heat your pool, but it will take longer and cost more. As far as we are concerned, however you heat your pool, a cover is essential.

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