The Difference Between Gas Heaters and Heat Pumps

The Difference Between Gas Heaters and Heat Pumps

Turning up the heat on your investment

If you want to use your pool all year round in Australia, unless you’re a fan of icy water, you’ll need to find a way to heat it in the winter. Get it right, and you’ll be holding pool parties in August.

The first question is how you want to use your pool throughout the year. Are you an occasional swimmer who’d like to have the pool perfect for that wintry pool party? Or can you see yourself using your pool regularly, despite the cold outside?

If you need to heat a pool quickly, for a specific event, then gas heating may well be the perfect choice. A gas heater burns fuel to provide heat, which is then pumped in to your pool. It’s fast and effective. Switch it on the night before, and you’ll be in the pool  the following day. But don’t forget to switch it off. You won’t want a nasty surprise when your gas bill turns up!

An electric heat pump is an option if you swim more regularly. It won’t heat the water from cold quite as quickly—for the aforementioned party, you’d need to switch it on at least a few days before—but the efficiency of a heat pump means you can run it regularly.

The second question is how much you want to pay to purchase, install and run the system. Typically, a heat pump will cost you more to purchase, but is cheaper to install and cheaper to run. A gas system will cost you less to purchase, but is more expensive to install and run.

Both methods will have you in the pool while your neighbours sit in front of the fire. Sound good? Call Supreme Heating on 1300 787 978.

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