The Best Time to Install Solar Pool Heating

The Best Time to Install Solar Pool Heating

when should solar pool heating be installed

Most of us can’t wait until September comes. The sun begins to bring some heat, the days grow longer and the footy finals kick off. It means winter has been and gone, and you can start to get excited about using your pool once more. It may even already be time to take the first plunge of the swimming season.

When exactly that will be, depends on where you live. Solar heating is, after all, reliant on the weather. If you’re in warmer climates, like Brisbane, then using solar pool heating could extend your swimming season to up to 10 months of the year, and there’s a chance you’ll be swimming sooner rather than later. In Melbourne, it may be a while until you dip your toe in the water—without any heating at all, the pool will be too cold for most people’s tastes until December but, with solar pool heating, as long as the sun does its job you could be swimming as early as October.

Solar pool heating is an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly way to raise the water temperature by up to 10oC. It’s also a really simple system. Water is pumped from your pool to your roof and circulated through collectors that absorb the warmth of the sun. As it passes through, the water is heated, and is then returned to the pool.

What’s more, solar pool heating is cheap to run. The water is heated for free by the sun and the only cost is in pumping the water up to your roof. So why wait? A new system can be installed at any time, but the longer you encroach into Spring, the more chance there is that you’ll miss out on those valuable, warm sunny days when your pool could be heating up nicely.

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