The Best Australian Solar Pool Heating System

The Best Australian Solar Pool Heating System

The Best Australian Solar Pool Heating System

A swimming pool can be an incredible source of entertainment and exercise. Unfortunately, too many Australians find themselves investing in a pool only to find that cold weather leaves them unable to use it for more than two or three months of the year at best.

Looking to extend your swimming season? Wanting a solution that’s both cost and energy-efficient? Solar pool heating systems can give you several extra months to enjoy your pool outside of just the heights of Summer, but there’s several things to consider before installing your new system. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about how solar pool heating works and what type of installation may work best for you, this article will explain some of the different types of heating on offer by Supreme Heating.

What are the Different Types of Solar Pool Heating?

The wide variety of different systems may surprise you, so looking into everything on offer is the best way you can discover the best solar pool heating system for you. At Supreme Heating, our catalogue of high-performance installations on offer include:

Strip Solar Pool Heating

Traditional strip solar heating is reliable, low maintenance, and easy to operate. Capable of increasing your water temperature by roughly 10°C, this system is an easy to manage and cost-efficient method of maximising the value and enjoyment you and your family can get out of your pool every single year. Strip solar systems are also applicable in commercial settings.

Rigid Panel Solar Pool Heating

Rigid panel heating is easily the most durable and cost-effective method of heating your swimming pool. This system can raise the heat of your pool by over 10°C, adding months to your Summer fun every year. Rigid panel solar pool heating is the product of extensive research and development – years of testing ensure that the rigid panels are moulded from a high-grade polymer that offers incredible durability and exceptional heat transfer. With UV stabilised panels connected with watertight reinforced unions and a thick circular wall structure, this system is built for long-lasting performance that can withstand extreme weather.

Evacuated Tube Solar Pool Heating

Ideal for indoor, lap, and commercial pool applications, evacuated tube solar pool heating provides efficient year-round pool heating. Able to be mounted on a frame, this system is perfect for any roof installation. Evacuated tube heating needs just half the area of a traditional strip solar pool heating system, but can duplicate its performance. The evacuated tube is the key to this system and is built to handle extreme temperatures. The tube absorbs solar radiation at an outstandingly effective rate, meaning light energy can be absorbed and converted into heat even on cloudy days. This expertly designed system can provide energy savings of more than 50% and save thousands of dollars annually.

Commercial Pool Heating

Supreme Heating also has a variety of options to heat a commercial pool. There’s a lot to take into consideration for a commercial pool (such as size and location, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor pool), but there’s always a perfect solution for you. The key to finding the right system for a commercial pool is to weigh up what will be most cost and energy efficient. At Supreme Heating, we’re all about finding the most effective system for each client, and sometimes the best heating systems can help reduce overall operating expenses for the entire building.

Hybrid Pool Heating

Hybrid solar pool heating manages to unite two high-performance technologies into one panel. Using both solar photovoltaics for energy generation and solar thermal for heated water production, this system is built to best utilise the sun’s natural energy. This hybrid multi-energy panel has received an overwhelming response, quickly becoming one of the best solar pool heating systems on offer in Australia. Built with maximum flexibility and a water circulation system that increases efficiency, the hybrid panel has created a synergy of top-quality technologies to maximise energy provided by the sun.

Get in Touch Today to Find the Best System for You

With such a variety of solar heating options available, you must take the time to weigh up your choices and find what will work best for you and your family or business. At Supreme Heating, our systems offer the latest in high-performing solar heating technology and have positioned us as a leader in the pool heating sector. Coming to one of the best providers in Australia ensures that you will be leaving with the best heating plan for your pool. Get in touch with your local Supreme Heating representative today to set yourself up with the best solar pool heating system!

If you want to know more about the best solar pool heating, or want to know the best ways to heat them, give Supreme Heating a call on 1300 787 978.

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