The Benefits Of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

The Benefits Of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Benefits of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Do your bit for the environment while relaxing in your pool.

You’re frustrated with your pool. You spend hours looking longingly at it, desperate to go in. But you can’t. It’s too cold. You either have no way of heating it, or you do, but it’s just too expensive to use.

Have you thought about a pool heat pump? It really is a great option for heating your pool. Unlike gas or propane heating, a heat pump takes natural heat from the air and converts it to heat energy, which it uses to raise the temperature of your pool. And while gas heating will warm your pool in what’ll seem like a flash, that performance comes at a fairly high cost. That’s because gas heating needs to burn fuel in order to heat your pool, whereas a heat pump is significantly more efficient—statistically, it will produce between five and six units of energy for every one it consumes.

That efficiency means a heat pump will bring you significantly lower running costs. What’s more, it’ll be easy to maintain and will last for ages. A heat pump is a reliable, long-term investment, and one that you’ll reap the benefits of for years to come.

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