Top Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Top Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Supreme Heating’s guide to keeping your pool clean…

Top Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips
Love it or hate it, maintenance is an integral part of having a pool. You can, of course, pay someone to do the work for you, but it’s really not that complicated. All it takes is small, regular effort and your pool will glisten its way through the swimming season and beyond.

The first thing we recommend you do is invest in a pool cover. Not only will it keep much of the leaf litter and debris out, it will prevent water and heat evaporating from your pool and that will save you time and money. A solar pool cover can also add up to 8°C to the temperature of your pool.

We also suggest you invest in an automated pool cleaner. You’ll find your pool is a magnet for leaves and, once they sink to the bottom, this really is the simplest way to remove them.

The pool cleaner will suck the leaves into the strainer basket inside your skimmer box, which is key to the proper circulation of water and the point at which it is drawn from the pool by the pump. If the strainer basket is full of leaves, it stands to reason that the pump will have to work harder than it needs to in order to pull the water through. Keep the strainer basket clean, and your pump will run more efficiently.

When it comes to the water, you’ll want to make it as beautiful as possible to swim in. To make sure this is the case, you’ll need to clean your filter regularly. The more clogged it becomes, the less fine particles it will filter from the water. Cleaning is pretty straightforward, just run the filter through backwash, rinse and then back to its original position—remembering to turn the pump off each time before you move the handle.

Finally, you should aim to keep the pool’s pH level between 7.2 and 7.6, and we recommend you test the water on a weekly basis.

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