Is Solar Pool Heating Right For Your Commercial Pool Project?

Is Solar Pool Heating Right For Your Commercial Pool Project?

is commercial pool heating right for your next pool projectWhen considering the best way to heat a commercial swimming pool, the criteria are not as different from residential pools as you might think. It’s all about the trade-off between installation costs and running costs, the size of the pool and the temperature to be maintained. The difference, of course, is that those costs and sizes are of a much higher magnitude.

The location of the pool heating system—particularly the amount of available space—will also influence the choice. Any decision will also depend on who will be using the pool and how often. For example, a caravan park that just wants to heat a pool for the peak season will have very different requirements to an indoor, council-run pool.

If swimming all year round is not essential then, even for commercial pools, it’s hard to look past solar pool heating. It comes in a variety of forms, all of which will boost the temperature of the water by up to 10oC and give a swim season of around 6 months in Southern states and around 12 months in Northern states.

But just because swimming might be required all year doesn’t mean solar pool heating should be discounted completely, as it can be combined with other forms of heating. For example, pairing solar pool heating with either gas heating or a heat pump, could cut both the cost of maintaining the temperature—and the greenhouse gas emissions—of a 50 x 25m pool in NSW, in half.

And both costs and emissions can be brought down even further with the latest in solar pool heating technology. Supreme Heating’s Heatseeker DualSun Hybrid PV/Thermal panel is an innovation in sustainability. The panels have the unique ability to heat water and produce electricity—believe it or not, when they are combined, both become more efficient—and can bring running costs and emissions down significantly. This is really important to Aquatic Centres that are under constant pressure to keep a lid on costs and meet the highest performance standards for environmental sustainability.

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