Solar Pool Heating Calculator

Solar Pool Heating Calculator

Fond memories of your maths classes?

Which size solar pool heating system

You’ve opted for solar pool heating. Congratulations on choosing an efficient, green way to heat your pool. But how big does the system need to be to heat your pool effectively?

It’s actually an easier question to answer than you might think. The biggest cause of heat loss from a swimming pool is evaporation, and the heat is lost from the surface of your pool. All you need to do is calculate the area of your pool and you’ll know how much solar collector you will need to install on your roof in order to replace it.

Our recommendation is to opt for at least 100% of the area, but if you’re short on roof space in Victoria you could go as low as 80% and, further north, down to 60%. One of the great features of solar pool heating is its flexibility. It doesn’t matter if your roof is not a standard shape, and the collectors can be installed around skylights and other obstacles. So you may actually have more space than you think.

But how do you calculate the surface area of your pool? If you have a rectangular pool, it’s easy. Remember maths at school? Length times width. It becomes a little trickier when your pool is odd shaped, of course. Our blog post on how much solar collector do I need to heat my pool will give you some tips to calculate the area of round, oval or even kidney-shaped pools.

These calculations are great for working out the minimum sized collector to heat your pool effectively, but really, we think you should go as big as you can. The larger the solar collector, the quicker it will heat your pool. It really is that simple.

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