Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Pool Heater

Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Pool Heater

Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Pool HeaterHeat pumps like the Heatseeker Vortex, Vortex Pro or Vortex C are designed to heat the pool by extracting heat from the outside air. They are efficient, super-quiet and reliable. Keep your heat pump regularly maintained and you should reap the benefits of your investment long into the future.

At Supreme Heating, to prolong the life of your heat pump we recommend regular servicing, during which a technician can check the internal pressures and clean the unit. If that sounds like a lot of unnecessary expense, remember that you wouldn’t think twice about servicing your car regularly! We also recommend that you clean the evaporator coils each year—dirty evaporator coils will make the unit less efficient. Check your pool water regularly too. If the chemicals are not well-balanced, the water could be literally eating away at your investment.

Like any machine, eventually things go wrong with heat pumps and there will come a time when you need to consider investing in a new one. The most obvious sign of failure is repeated breakdowns. These systems are designed to operate regularly, and the cost and inconvenience of having them repaired will soon have you thinking about a replacement.

If you notice that your electricity consumption is rising, even though you’ve made no changes to the way you use it, or you notice it’s becoming harder to maintain the temperature of your pool, it could be a sign that the heat pump is beginning to fail. Heat pumps are designed to be efficient, so a reduction in that efficiency is a sure sign that all is not well.

Unusual noises are something to listen for too. Heat pumps are hi-tech and well designed. They run with little friction and resistance. A change in sound could be a sign that the parts inside are beginning to wear out.

If you think your heat pump is not working properly or might need replacing, call Supreme Heating on 1300 787 978.

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