Save Money with a Pool Cover

Save Money with a Pool Cover

Many people think that pool covers are primarily for safety, or to help keep the water clean. Although they do help to prevent insects and debris from getting into the pool water, the primary purpose of the pool covers we offer at Supreme Heating is to retain heat. Our pool covers help to prevent night time heat loss from the pool water in two ways: they provide insulation and they greatly reduce evaporation.

Just as the insulation in the walls of your home help to save you money by keeping heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer, our insulating pool covers will slow heat loss from your pool’s water into the surrounding air. However, most heat lost from pool water is actually lost through the process of evaporation.

When water evaporates, it transitions to a higher energy state. The molecules in water vapour move around faster than the molecules in water. That’s why water needs to absorb heat energy when it evaporates. In the case of water evaporating from the surface of a pool, that heat comes straight out of the remaining pool water.

A pool blanket can halt evaporation almost completely, and that saves you money not only on the cost of heating the pool, but sometimes also on the cost of replacing the water.

At Supreme Heating, we have developed our exclusive line of pool blankets based on more than 20 years’ experience manufacturing, installing and servicing pool heating systems. We know what works.

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