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Heatseeker UniPanel


Our design brief was simple… A rigid solar pool heating system manufactured to suit all applications in one unique compact design and able to withstand the harsh impact of Mother Nature.

So Heatseeker UniPanel was born.

Mother Nature Has Met Her Match.


Heatseeker UniPanel’s UV stabilised high density polyethylene (HDPE) composition allows it to withstand the force of nature, specifically the impact of hail. Rated to AS 2712, this type of panel is the preferred solar pool heating system by insurance companies.


Solar systems around the world are plagued and damaged by birdlife. As a result, we have manufactured a product stronger and more robust than any other system. Heatseeker UniPanel is certified as bird proof.


Blow moulded as one single piece, Heatseeker UniPanel has no joins which structurally strengthens the product. This combined with the unique rail mounting and fixing system ensures UniPanel can endure severe wind and weather conditions.


The open flow channels and manifold design of Heatseeker UniPanel increases the volume of water through the panel providing exceptional heat gain and even greater efficiencies.

This also results in less pumping power and reduced electrical costs.

Burning Hot Performance

Heatseeker UniPanel is by far the most efficient and cost effective way of heating your swimming pool.

With large heat rises of over 10°C, your swimming pool will be transformed into a tropical oasis that creates greater lifestyle choices based around family and friends.

A typical swimming season in a moderate climate will easily be doubled and in warmer climates consumers can enjoy year round swimming in their pool.

Our unique panel system can operate with efficiencies greater than 80 per cent at a cost as low as zero when using an existing pool pump.

The open flow channels and manifold design of Heatseeker UniPanel allow a greater volume of water to be heated with minimal resistance. This ensures optimisation of energy output and minimises pumping power which results in reduced electrical running costs.

Features & Benefits

Blow Moulded UV Stabilised HDPE
Blow moulded as one single piece, the panel has no joins which structurally strengthens the product. Combined with the UV stabilised high density polyethylene (HDPE) composition, Heatseeker UniPanel is robust, durable, and weather resistant and can withstand the harsh impact of Mother Nature.

Multi-Port Design
The multiple ports on all sides of the panel mean that it can be connected together in any direction with due consideration given to water flow and heating performance. This allows for UniPanel to be truly universal to the consumer, and gives a large amount of hydraulic options to professionals – all with the convenience of one panel.

Unique Rail Mounting System
The patented rail mounting system allows the panel to be simply secured to the roof structure and at the same time be able to expand and contract in any direction allowing 360° movement. This unique design feature eliminates any associated problems with joint failures or stress fractures.

Panel Mounting Slots & Locknut System
An integral part of the system, the mounting slots and locknut system provide the ability to secure the panels to the roof whilst still allowing longitudinal movement due to environmental conditions.

Manifold Coupling
UniPanel utilises a resilient flexible coupling which is designed to absorb movement in the panel and roof structure due to expansion and contraction associated with changing weather conditions. This eliminates stress fractures and leak potential in and around any connections.

Manifold Fixing Clip
Mounted at the bottom of the panel, the manifold fixing clip provides the support foundation for which the solar system is built and also acts as additional security against storm activity in high wind or cyclone prone areas.

Coupling Covers
The UV stabilised coupling cover blocks all UV exposure to the manifold coupling and its clamps. This guarantees longevity for the connection as well as adding a special touch to the visual aesthetic of the system.

Heatseeker UniPanel Strength Test

Watch the Hammer and Forklift test to see how strong this system is!

Technical Specifications

Heatseeker UniPanel is weather proof, hail proof, bird proof and frost resistant.

They are non-corroding, can support human weight and resistant against UV radiation and swimming pool water.



How Does Solar Heating Work?

Pool water is circulated through a series of panels (the collector) installed on a suitably positioned roof or mounted on the ground. As the pool water is circulated through the panels, it is heated from the suns free energy and then returned to the pool. The water temperature can be managed by an automatic controller.


*UniPanel is a registered trademark of Supreme Solar Pty Ltd.



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