Solar Pool Heating

Supreme Heating’s range of solar pool heating products are designed to minimise running costs and CO² emissions, whilst ensuring you, your family and pool friendly neighbours get maximum fun, value and exercise out of that big watery investment in the backyard.

Call us to find out how we can assist and support you in designing a system specific to your lifestyle.

Harness the power of the sun Increase the use of your pool by up to six months using the free energy of the sun. Swimming pools are a great source of exercise and entertainment. Unfortunately, most pools are used for less than three months of the year because they are too cold. Solar pool heating is the most energy and cost effective way of heating a pool.

Swim Longer

A Heatseeker pool solar heating system will increase the value you get from your swimming pool by at least double the amount of days the family can swim and guaranteeing a lifetime of family fun and entertainment.

Save Energy

Swimming pools can be one of the highest consumers of energy in your home when utilising forms of heating such as gas heaters or heat pumps. Choosing these alternative heating systems is considered ecologically irresponsible when solar pool heating is available. Solar heating your pool produces zero greenhouse emissions and has the smallest impact on our environment, whilst reducing household energy.

Save Money

The increasing cost of burning fossil fuels to warm your pool is completely eliminated when choosing to use solar heating. The choice of gas or electric as a fuel source should be as a last resort when you can use the sun’s energy for free.

Low Maintenance

Supreme Heating’s solar collector range has a proven track record with over 25 years of innovative design improvements and installations. We know that our extraordinary product design ensures the very minimum in ongoing maintenance. It is also Australian made which guarantees reliability and realistic prices on spare parts. By eliminating or reducing the need for gas or electric heating your solar system will pay for itself well and truly over its lifetime.


The performance of a solar pool heating system can be dictated by many external factors. Installation techniques and methods can also affect the performance of a solar system. Our experienced staff will be able to advise you on the type of system to give you optimum performance.


Supreme Heating is a national member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA). The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia, or SPASA Australia, is the national peak body of the Australian swimming pool and spa industry, SPASA Victoria being the sole industry peak body within the state. SPASA are dedicated to maintaining and improving our industry for the betterment of consumers, builders, manufacturers & suppliers. The SPASA website has been designed specifically to provide consumers with the latest information and advice. We suggest a good starting point is the consumer advice section. You can also check out the informative Fact Sheets, review the SPASA Awards of Excellence winners and the Member Listings.

Heatseeker Brochure
Heatseeker Plus Brochure

Our traditional strip solar pool heating systems are a reliable, high performance product, which is capable of increasing your water temperature by approximately 10°C, ensuring you, your family and pool friendly neighbours get maximum fun, value and exercise out of that big watery investment in the backyard. The systems are low maintenance and very easy to operate.

How it works

Pool water is circulated through a series of tubes (the collector) installed on a suitably positioned roof. As the pool water is circulated through the tubes, it is heated from the sun’s free energy and then returned to the pool. The water temperature can be managed by an automatic control system.

solar pool heating

Displayed is a typical Supreme Heating traditional strip solar system.

This form of heating is very inexpensive to operate and is ecologically friendly unlike fossil fuel heaters (gas or electric), which create pollution through their harmful products of combustion.

Which system is right for you?

Supreme Heating has two strip systems to choose from – Heatseeker and Heatseeker Plus. Each system is designed to suit the individual application, pool size, filtration equipment, roof type and budget. A trained consultant will assist you in choosing a system that is perfect for your pool. Give us a call to discuss which system is right for you.

Unique in design

The sun provides a certain amount of energy per m² for our collectors to absorb. The Heatseeker strip profiles are made from a specially formulated PVC Nitrile material which capitalises on the available energy from the sun. The use of this material also eliminates the problem of premature failure in EPDM rubber based collectors, known as ‘tea leafing’.

Heatseeker profile

Has a width of 135mm and consists of 8 circular shaped tubes. Heatseeker Solar Pool Heating

Australia’s first complete full length manifold piping system

The Heatseeker manifold piping system is outstanding in performance and durability. pool solar heating

  • Prefabricated in one continuous length. No holes drilled and no parts glued together.
  • Easy to repair – can be taken apart or replaced.
  • Minimal leak potential – longer life.
  • Heatseeker sleeves provide improved pressure resistance (where required).
  • Low maintenance.
  • Quicker heat up times.
  • Over 15 year’s infield service life.
  • Blends into roof line appearing almost invisible.
  • Made to measure to suit individual site requirements.
  • Simple to install and service.

Heatseeker Plus profile

Has a width of 110mm and consists of 8 elliptical shaped tubes. solar pool heating sydney

Heatseeker Plus colours

Black has always been the traditional colour of collector, but it’s now possible to match the colour of your roof with our range of Heatseeker Plus colours. Heatseeker Solar Pool Heating colours Australia’s first complete full length manifold piping system is also compatible with the Heatseeker Plus system.

End Manifolds – giving pool owners a choice!

Also available are the Heaseeker Plus end manifolds, which are ideally suited to visible roofs.

Heatseeker UniPanel
User Manual
Heatseeker UniPanel
Installation Manual
Heatseeker UniPanel

Our design brief was simple… A rigid solar pool heating system manufactured to suit all applications in one unique compact design and able to withstand the harsh impact of Mother Nature.

So Heatseeker UniPanel was born.

Mother Nature Has Met Her Match.

Hail proof solar pool heating


Heatseeker UniPanel’s UV stabilised high density polyethylene (HDPE) composition allows it to withstand the force of nature, specifically the impact of hail. Rated to AS 2712, this type of panel is the preferred solar pool heating system by insurance companies.

bird proof solar pool heating


Solar systems around the world are plagued and damaged by birdlife. As a result, we have manufactured a product stronger and more robust than any other system. Heatseeker UniPanel is certified as bird proof.

wind resistant solar pool heating


Blow moulded as one single piece, Heatseeker UniPanel has no joins which structurally strengthens the product. This combined with the unique rail mounting and fixing system ensures UniPanel can endure severe wind and weather conditions.


The open flow channels and manifold design of Heatseeker UniPanel increases the volume of water through the panel providing exceptional heat gain and even greater efficiencies.

This also results in less pumping power and reduced electrical costs.

Burning Hot Performance

Heatseeker UniPanel is by far the most efficient and cost effective way of heating your swimming pool.

With large heat rises of over 10°C, your swimming pool will be transformed into a tropical oasis that creates greater lifestyle choices based around family and friends.

A typical swimming season in a moderate climate will easily be doubled and in warmer climates consumers can enjoy year round swimming in their pool.

Our unique panel system can operate with efficiencies greater than 80 per cent at a cost as low as zero when using an existing pool pump.

The open flow channels and manifold design of Heatseeker UniPanel allow a greater volume of water to be heated with minimal resistance. This ensures optimisation of energy output and minimises pumping power which results in reduced electrical running costs.

Features & Benefits

Blow Moulded UV Stabilised HDPE
Blow moulded as one single piece, the panel has no joins which structurally strengthens the product. Combined with the UV stabilised high density polyethylene (HDPE) composition, Heatseeker UniPanel is robust, durable, and weather resistant and can withstand the harsh impact of Mother Nature.

Multi-Port Design
The multiple ports on all sides of the panel mean that it can be connected together in any direction with due consideration given to water flow and heating performance. This allows for UniPanel to be truly universal to the consumer, and gives a large amount of hydraulic options to professionals – all with the convenience of one panel.

solar pool heating sydney

Unique Rail Mounting System
The patented rail mounting system allows the panel to be simply secured to the roof structure and at the same time be able to expand and contract in any direction allowing 360° movement. This unique design feature eliminates any associated problems with joint failures or stress fractures.

solar pool heating brisbane

Panel Mounting Slots & Locknut System
An integral part of the system, the mounting slots and locknut system provide the ability to secure the panels to the roof whilst still allowing longitudinal movement due to environmental conditions.

solar pool heating melbourne

Manifold Coupling
UniPanel utilises a resilient flexible coupling which is designed to absorb movement in the panel and roof structure due to expansion and contraction associated with changing weather conditions. This eliminates stress fractures and leak potential in and around any connections.

solar pool heating bundoora

Manifold Fixing Clip
Mounted at the bottom of the panel, the manifold fixing clip provides the support foundation for which the solar system is built and also acts as additional security against storm activity in high wind or cyclone prone areas.

solar pool heaters

Coupling Covers
The UV stabilised coupling cover blocks all UV exposure to the manifold coupling and its clamps. This guarantees longevity for the connection as well as adding a special touch to the visual aesthetic of the system.

Heatseeker UniPanel Strength Test

Watch the Hammer and Forklift test to see how strong this system is!

Technical Specifications

Heatseeker UniPanel is weather proof, hail proof, bird proof and frost resistant.

They are non-corroding, can support human weight and resistant against UV radiation and swimming pool water.

How Does Solar Heating Work?

Pool water is circulated through a series of panels (the collector) installed on a suitably positioned roof or mounted on the ground. As the pool water is circulated through the panels, it is heated from the suns free energy and then returned to the pool. The water temperature can be managed by an automatic controller.

Solar Pool Heaters Melbourne

*UniPanel is a registered trademark of Supreme Solar Pty Ltd.


Heatseeker Maxi Brochure & Manual

How it works

In this type of system the pool water is heated indirectly through a very efficient titanium heat exchanger. The evacuated tube reacts to light energy and creates steam vapour that rises to the bulb on the end of the heat pipe that is inserted into the glass tube. The energy is transferred into the circulating water at the manifold and the hot water is returned to the heat exchanger. A specific automatic controller coordinates the heating process. The sizing of the evacuated tube system in relation to an outdoor pool is approximately 10,000L for every panel. This creates a much more compact system in comparison to a traditional strip or panel system, allowing more options when considering roof space. For year round heating or high temperature applications, the panel sizing can be increased to suit.

Heatseeker Maxi Pool Heating

Heatseeker Maxi profile

Supreme Heating is proud to include the Heatseeker Maxi system in its range. The Heatseeker Maxi system is ideal for indoor, lap pool and commercial applications, where year round heating is required. This high performance system can be mounted on a frame, making it ideal for any roof, and needs only 50% of the area of a traditional strip system to duplicate its performance.

  • Award winning technology
  • 100% cockatoo proof
  • Minimal roof space required
  • Ideal for high wind areas
  • Year round heating input
  • Hail rated to AS2712

What is an evacuated tube?

The key component of this system is the evacuated tube, which consists of an inner and outer glass tube that has been vacuum sealed together. The tubes are made from highly transparent and extremely strong borosilicate glass, which are able to resist the impact of hail up to 25mm in diameter and have the ability to handle stress caused by extreme temperatures. The inner tube is coated with a special selective coating, ‘novel sputtering’, developed at the University of Sydney, which allows solar radiation to be effectively absorbed. This means that light energy is absorbed and turned into heat energy even on cloudy days. A properly designed evacuated tube system can provide energy savings of more than 50% depending on where you are situated in Australia, saving you thousands of dollars annually.

Evacuated tube solar pool heating

On a global level, evacuated tubes are the highest performing solar collector due to their ability to absorb solar energy on cold and cloudy days. When averaged out over an entire year in Australia, evacuated tube collectors can increase efficiencies at least 40% above a standard flat plate panel system and in excess of 100% compared to a normal strip pool heating system.

Domestic or Commercial solar hot water applications

The evacuated tube system can also be used to pre-heat your home or commercial facilities hot water tanks. Prioritisation or surplus energy heat rejection can be automatically controlled in the heating process. For further information, please contact Supreme Heating.

SSGL Series Pump Brochure
Aqua-Gen 2 Controller Manual
Aqua-Gen 3D Controller Manual
Aqua-Gen 3 Controller Manual
Aqua-Gen 3BR Controller Manual
Aqua-Gen 3PV Controller Manual
Aqua-Gen Controllers Troubleshooting Manual
Aqua-Gen 3D Controller Troubleshooting Manual
SSV7RT Controller Manual
SSV7RRT Controller Manual
SSV7 Controllers Troubleshooting Manual

Automatic Control Systems

Why not allow the water temperature to be managed by an automatic control system? Controlling your solar system may no longer be a daily chore. Supreme Heating has combined the latest technology, together with user friendly concepts in the development of our extensive range of automatic solar controllers. Our controller range has been designed to suit varying types of systems. The most commonly used controllers are our Aqua-Gen 3 and SSV7RT that are also available with optional wireless roof sensors, which eliminate the need for conduit and underground wiring.

Aqua-Gen 3

Suitable for systems where the pool has provisions for solar (a separate suction and return line dedicated to the solar system).

2014-04-24 16.10.51
Aqua-Gen 3 Aqua-Gen 3D


Suitable for systems where the solar is plumbed into the existing pool plumbing (no separate suction and return line dedicated to the solar system) and operates the filter time-clock and solar pump.

Optional Wireless Roof Sensors

Solar Pumps

SS Series Pump

Manufactured exclusively in Australia since 2005, Supreme Heating’s purpose-built SS Series Solar Pumps were the first to be released into the market. The SS Solar Pump has been specifically designed and manufactured to suit the application where the pump needs to “prime” against the weight of the pool water as it lifts up onto a high roof. Basically it has higher lifting/priming capacity than a conventional pool pump and the flow characteristics have been modified to produce the correct rate for each m² of collector as per Australia Standard AS3634. This is important as correct flow represents “optimum” efficiency and heat transfer into your swimming pool. The SS Series pumps are designed for systems where the pool has provisions for solar (a separate suction and return line dedicated to the solar system). Solar Pool Heating Pump

AB Series Pump

A high flow whisper quiet design with full volume water flow especially suitable for spa booster pumps and solar pumps when installed in a flooded suction situation. The FX Series pumps are designed for systems where the solar is plumbed into the existing pool plumbing (no separate suction and return line dedicated to the solar system). Swimming Pool Gas Heaters

Swimming Pool Gas Heaters

Whilst solar heating is the most efficient way to heat your pool or spa, Supreme Heating believes your pool or spa should be a warm oasis, when you want it, without the huge associated costs. Gas heaters use revolutionary technology to heat your pool or spa quickly and accurately to the temperature you desire, providing a comfortable temperature for swimming on demand and can provide benefit all year round. Supreme Heating has a wide range of efficient and eco-friendly gas heaters to suit your individual application. For further information, please contact one of our company representatives.


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