Pool Heating Options in Brisbane

Pool Heating Options in Brisbane

solar pool heating options in BrisbaneEven though the average temperature in Brisbane is over 20oC all year round, you’ll still need to heat your pool. And when you think that, according to the BOM, the mean temperature at 9am can be as low as 14oC in July, you can see why. If you’re going to keep your pool at a comfortable 27oC to 29oC, then you’re going to need some help.

Luckily, the natural warmth of the Sunshine State means there’s an efficient, environmentally sound option that will allow you to swim throughout the year. It’s called solar pool heating, and it’s actually very simple. Water is pumped from your pool to your roof, where it flows through collectors—either tubes or panels installed on your roof—that are designed to absorb heat from the sun and transfer it to the water, which then circulates back into your pool with the aid of gravity.

Solar pool heating will comfortably warm your pool by anything from 5oC to 10oC and, if you install an automatic controller, you can set it to what you believe will be a comfortable swimming temperature and then just let the system do its thing.

pool heating options in Brisbane

At Supreme Heating, solar pool heating is always the product we recommend first, because it’s so cost effective and environmentally friendly. We also recommend using it in conjunction with a pool cover because half the battle of getting your pool to a comfortable temperature is replacing the heat that is lost overnight. Our Heatseeker Diamond pool covers can help you retain up to 75% of the heat in your pool, and that means your system won’t have to work as hard to bring the pool to the ideal temperature.

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