Pool Heating: Making The Smart Choice

Pool Heating: Making The Smart Choice

Why renewable energy should always be your first consideration

Pool heating making the smart choice

Across Australia, energy costs are rising. According to the Grattan Institute, between 2015 and 2017, electricity prices rose across the National Energy Market by around 130% on average. And gas prices are on the increase too—the Department of the Environment and Energy states that, in the ten years to 2017, residential gas prices rose 50% from 2c/MJ to 3c/MJ.

As the Government aims to meet the emission reduction targets it signed up to in the Paris Agreement, there is a degree of uncertainty around electricity generation and the use of natural gas. In such a climate, we believe builders and pool owners have a responsibility to make sure their pools are heated in a sustainable way.

Because of this, when it comes to pool heating, we at Supreme Heating think a customer’s first consideration should always be whether renewable energy—in the form of solar pool heating—will do the job. Not only does it heat the pool during the peak Australian swimming season from September to April, it is also environmentally friendly and has low running costs.

Our amazing hybrid product, Heatseeker DualSun, takes this one step further. It simultaneously produces electricity and heats your pool. With this as a solution, you can effectively heat your pool during the swimming season with renewable energy, at zero cost. It really is a fantastic choice in today’s climate of uncertainty.

Once we’ve ruled out solar heating as an option, we’ll ask customers to consider electric pool heating, in the form of heat pumps and, finally, gas heating. And no matter what solution we offer our customers, we always recommend a swimming pool cover.

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