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Building a Pool in Winter, Why its a good idea.


For the people that are interested in getting a pool built, they envisage the process starting in Spring. They also expect that all of the design, permits, planning and build done by Summer. But the reality of that timeframe being successful is not very often a possibility.
For that reason and some others that we will talk about shortly, you should start shopping around for your pool in Autumn or Winter. A jump start on your pool build gives you plenty of time to find your pool builder and obtain permissions before excavating and installation can commence. What’s more… you may even get it done quicker and save some dollars during the quiet season. Read on to discover more reasons why it’s smart to start building a pool in Winter.

Better pick of Pool Builders and the ability to shop around

A swimming pool is a decent investment, which is why it is so important to find the right pool builder for your needs. To ensure that you are spending your money wisely, do your research. Look at websites. Visit showrooms, check their socials for their showcase installs and even ask your friends with pools for recommendations. Choose a pool builder with experience and a style that is aligned with your own. Finding one that is a member of SPASA (Swimming Pool and Spa Association is also a win. By researching early, you have time to do it thoroughly and weight up quotes to ensure you make the best decision.

You can take your time when planning your pool

Everyone has different likes and dislikes and also different requirements based on the space you have. In-ground or above ground? With a spa or no spa? What heating solution is best for your backyard oasis? Making decisions based solely on budget and needs rather than a deadline will ensure you are an optimal level of happy once your pool is completed.

It leaves ample time for permits

Yes. You have to get permission to put a pool in your own backyard. Once your pool design is completed, your pool builder will need to send it your council to obtain approval and a construction certificate. This can take up to 8 weeks and spring and summer is the busiest time for pool permits which means longer waiting times. Doing this in winter, you will have a shorter wait time and the absolute best chance of having your pool ready for summer.

The industry is more quiet

Its no surprise that pool builders along with the rest of the industry are quieter when it’s cool. But it is your chance to swoop in and engage with them. Your wait time for quotes, site inspections and meetings are much lower. Plus, your project will be complete quicker because contractors won’t be juggling multiple projects at one time. Waiting until closer to summer or until summer, even contractors like electricians, plumbers and solar installers are in high demand for jobs to be completed before Christmas, which can delay your pool. With recent supply issues caused my COVID there still may be delays regardless of the month it is ordered.

It gives your landscaping a chance to become more established

The pool is just one part of the story. The other part Is the landscaping around the pool area. This means planting new grass, shrubs and what ever else you desire to suit your style. Do this earlier and it gives it a chance to flourish and look more established

Some pool companies offer discounts during the off season

They are businesses after all! When it is quiet, businesses need to hustle to get some business coming in. So, it is a great chance for you to save money here and there. A great tip is also to look out for EOFY sales on pool heating, filters and more.

So, in conclusion, Spring is not always the best time to start your new pool process. By starting the process in autumn or winter, you will have plenty of time to find the right pool builder, design your pool, get permissions, bring your space to life with landscaping, all while potentially saving some of those hard-earned dollars at the same time. Keep in mind that many issues can delay construction, like a sloping site, material shortage, COVID and the increasing popularity of backyard pools, so you can never start too soon.


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