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The Way Solar Pool Heating Works


You may have heard that solar pool heating is an effective way to warm up your pool water temperature at any time of year. But then you wondered, ‘Is that really true?’ In short: It sure is! As we come into autumn the weather may be getting cooler, but a solar heating system means that doesn’t mean you need to give up your lazy days in the pool.

This blog explains how solar pool heating works in an easily understandable way and outlines the benefits of having a solar pool heating system. For further information or personalised advice, please contact our friendly and helpful team at Supreme Heating today!

What Equipment Does Solar Pool Heating Use?

Before we dive in (sorry), let’s look at the components a solar pool heating system uses to work effectively.

  • Solar collector— You typically see these on house roofs, and they’re usually black in colour to best absorb the sun’s energy. They contain plumbing (tubing) to get the water to and from the pool.
  • Pump— To circulate the water and pump it into the pool.
  • Filter— To remove debris before it gets into your pool.
  • Flow control valve— Either automatic or manual, this device diverts pool water through the solar collector.

The materials used to make solar collectors vary. The one you choose will depend on the climate where you live and how you plan to use the collector. There are two typical types of solar collectors:

  • Unglazed— Solar heating that doesn’t contain the glass covering you may associate with solar panels. As long as you’re only using your pool when the temperature is above freezing (which we hope is the case!), unglazed is all you’ll need. Unglazed collectors also work well for indoor pools in cold climates.
  • Glazed— usually made from copper tubing on an aluminium plate with a glass covering. These tend to be more expensive than unglazed due to their additional parts, however they also collect solar heat more effectively than their unglazed counterparts.

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

You know how when you leave the backyard hose lying in the sun all day, and when you go to pick it up that afternoon it (and the water in it) are really hot? Solar pool heating works in basically the same way, just with a few more components.

Essentially, solar pool heating is a closed-loop system. The cooler water from the pool goes up the plumbing, gets heated by the sun, and returns via the plumbing, nice and warm, into your pool. In more detail:

  1. The official pool temperature decider (hopefully you) will set the desired temperature. 
  2. The pool water goes through the filter to remove debris, leaves, dirt, and anything else that may have fallen in.
  3. Once filtrated, the pool water is pumped to the collector.
  4. The collector uses the sun’s energy to heat the water.
  5. The plumbing returns the now-heated water to the pool.

Some solar pool heating systems also use an automatic or manual valve. This valve diverts water through the collector when the collector temperature is higher than the pool temperature. When these two temperatures are very similar, the filtered water returns to the pool without needing to go through the valve.

What are the Benefits of Solar Pool Heating?

  • Year-round use— Solar pool heating systems collect the sun’s energy even on cloudy days! 
  • Cost-effective— Once it’s installed, your solar pool heating system will cost you significantly less than other types of pool heating.
  • Environmentally friendly— Solar pool heating uses natural, renewable energy to heat your pool.

Interested in Solar Pool Heating?

If you’re keen to use your pool no matter the season, save more money in the long run, and lower your carbon footprint all at the same time, a solar pool heating system is just what you need! At Supreme Heating we have locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth for all your pool heating needs. To make your cool pool warmer whatever the weather, get in touch with our experienced and friendly team today.



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