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Is My Roof Suitable for Solar?


When you’re considering installing a solar power system, your first thought is probably about your roof. In many cases (or maybe it’s just me), you may have to pause and think for a minute to remember what your home’s roof even looks like! Luckily, regardless of your roof’s style and aesthetics, there’s likely a solar solution for you.

This blog explores the factors that play into how suitable your roof is for a solar power system. For further information or to enquire about solar panels, contact our knowledgeable team at Supreme Heating today.

This is Australia

Thankfully, with today’s technology, solar panels are suitable for most homes and businesses in Australia. We have the sun on our side, all throughout the country— even down south and inland, where winters are brisk and chilly. We’re lucky to enjoy the highest hours of sunlight on Earth, and so it makes sense to take advantage of that in any way we can.

Is My Roof Suitable for Solar?

Along with climate, there are many factors that go into whether solar panels will work for your home.

Roof Angle

Solar panels are mounted onto your roof at an angle so that they can clean themselves when it rains, and so the angle your roof is already at plays a part here. The standards roof pitches in Australia are 18° or 22.5 °, which means that solar panels will be installed at this angle.

Flat roof? No worries! Some solar panels can be attached to angled mounts, so you don’t need to miss out on the opportunity for solar panels. In fact, starting with a flat roof can even be an advantage, as it gives you more options to install the solar panels at the best angle and direction for them to receive the most sunlight.

Roof Make

The material or materials your roof is made from can have a large impact on the installation of your solar panels.

Composite (asphalt shingle) roofs are very common, which makes them one of the easiest roof materials for solar panel installers to work on. With composite roofing, the installer can drill directly into the roof to attach the mounts, making it a relatively straightforward job.

Tile roofs— whether the tile is made from slate, clay, or concrete— usually require some tile removal and replacing when installing solar panels. These tiles will need to be lifted and replaced in order for the installer to mount the racking frame securely on the roof, ensuring everybody’s safety and helping the solar panels to work as efficiently as possible.

Roof Direction

In Australia, a north facing roof is best for any solar system installation. This is because the north is exposed to the highest amount of sunlight. West and east facing roofs are only at a slight disadvantage when compared to their northern cousins, thanks to the way the sun moves around our sky, and so they’re well-suited to solar panel installation as well.

However, south facing roofs aren’t suitable for solar panels as they won’t receive the amount of sunlight they need to work effectively. Don’t despair if you have a south facing roof, though, as there may be workarounds. Alternative solutions such as ground mounted solar panels exist and may be an option for you.


If your roof sees a lot of shade throughout the day from trees or other houses, this can impact where you can have solar panels installed. If the shade is being created by a tree, you can look into whether it can be cut down. When it’s somebody else’s property, however, things are a bit different. Wherever the shady obstacle can’t be removed, your installer will work with you to find any alternative roof space options.

Roof Strength

It’s not very likely that your home’s roof will be too weak to support solar panels. However rare, it can happen, and so your installer will test this during the initial assessment. When your roof is deemed strong and sturdy, your installers will distribute the panels as evenly as possible to mitigate any possible leaks or damages to your roof in the future.

Looking for Solar Panels?

If you’re wondering how your roof stacks up when it comes to potential solar panels, our team at Supreme Heating can help you out. With locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, we’re just one call away from helping you harness the power of the sun! To see how you can get started with solar, contact our experienced and friendly team at Supreme Heating today.



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