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How To Maintain A Pool When It’s Not In Use


As most pool owner’s would know, to maintain a pool in winter or low use periods is usually the last thing on your mind. But like a home or a car, a swimming pool always needs regular maintenance, or it starts looking like Shrek’s swap. Sure, he loves it green, but generally, most people do not. The good news is, that during the low or no use periods, you can maintain a pool by investing about an hour of your time per week, keeping your backyard investment looking clean and swim ready.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain a pool quickly and efficiently.

Clean out debris from your pool pump’s debris filter basket
To do this, make sure you turn off the pump first. Close the skimmer valve and remove the basket and the debris inside it.

Clean out the skimmer basket every few days
Run your hand skimmer through your pool water to remove any debris. Use a net to remove items from the pool.

Vacuum your pool weekly
Although an automatic pool cleaner is a nice luxury to have, it is still necessary to brush and vac regularly. Be sure to scrub the sides of the pool with a brush to get rid of any algae build up.

Check the water levels
Many things affect the water levels of a pool. It isn’t just the usual splash out you get when the pool is being used. Evaporation and things like vacuuming will remove water and can affect the function of the skimmer. The water level needs to be at least halfway up the skimmer weir door. If no water is entering the skimmer, it can cause you pump to burn out. Not something you want to deal with if it can be avoided. Likewise, if the water is too high, then some debris may not be collected. So, in a nutshell, add water if it isn’t high enough and pump some out if it is too high.

Test chlorine levels, pH balance and alkalinity
Anyone want a bit of algae? If the answer is no, test your water at least weekly. Keeping the water balanced will also ensure that when you do decide to take a dip, the water is clean and clear and won’t burn your eyes.

Consider in a Pool Cover
One of the easiest ways to maintain a pool is by investing in a pool cover. We try to educate all of our customers on the importance of a covering your pool. It helps reduce water evaporation, reduces maintenance time, energy and heating costs, keeps your pool cleaner and reduces chemical usage. But the best benefit is that it maintains your pool temperature, keeping your pool swim ready and extending your swim season through the fringe months.

Looking For More Pool Advice? Contact Supreme Heating Today.

Pool maintenance is important for all pool owners to keep their backyard oasis in tip-top condition. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of getting your pool ready for summer is ensuring it’s heated to an optimal temperature. We’re proud to offer a wide range of pool heating solutions – with options to suit every pool and every budget. Contact us today for more information!

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