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How to Clean a Green Pool


Pools are a great addition to any home, especially here in Australia. But there are going to be months when those much-loved pools aren’t going to be used as often. If your pool is looking a little worse for wear and that once crystal-clear blue colour has faded to green, it’s time to step in! It’s important to know the types of chemicals and tools to use to keep your pool in tip-top condition.

When pools turn green from irregular maintenance or just when it’s not being used as often, algae build up and can be a pain to remove. If you are looking for other ways to protect and maintain your pool like solar pool heating, heat pumps, or pool covers, contact Supreme Heating today.

What Causes the Green Colour?

Keeping your pool that pristine clear blue colour is not as easy as it seems. There are many reasons your pool can have that green tinge to it. The most common cause is continued neglect in the cleaning department!

Green algae build-up is your enemy here. The build-up can be due to a number of problems, including malfunctions in the sanitation and filtration of your pool, water imbalances or even just too much direct sunlight.

Daily Management to Avoid a Green Pool

To avoid your pool’s green, cloudy look, the filter needs frequent cleaning, or you run the risk of your tiles staining. Simple daily tasks you can do to prevent this from happening in the future include:

Remove Debris

If you spot something, you can sweep it away and scoop out any organic debris that has fallen in. Leaves, sticks and bugs can aid algae in growing by releasing bacteria as they break down in the water. Give all the tiles a nice scrub to dislodge any debris still clinging on before moving on.

Morning Checks

Have a look each morning for any cloudiness or colour in the water. Double-check your filters are all clean and running as they should to reduce any clogging of your systems. Clean out the built-in pump filter and backwash your sand filter to ensure it works as effectively as possible.

Chemical Adjustments

Checking the chlorine levels should be done daily to keep on top of the cleanliness of your pool. Adjust them if they start to drop below what you need. The pH levels are another thing to test daily to ensure the chemicals you’re using are doing their jobs. Your pH levels should be between 7.2 and 7.6 for maximum effect as a general rule of thumb.

Your Guide to Cleaning a Green Pool

Once the algae build-up is there, an effective clean-up is down to the right chemicals. The four main chemicals you should be using to aid your removal are chlorine, flocculant, pH decreaser, and algaecide.

pH Decreaser

Using a pH decreaser will help you balance the water levels to make sure any following chemical additions can work as intended.


Chlorine is your best friend when it comes to removing algae. Shock your pool by adding in higher levels than usually necessary. This will aid in killing any bacteria that the algae can use to grow. This should be done after pH levels have been properly assessed and levelled. Adding in high chlorine levels will make your pool water cloudy for up to 48 hours as it works to kill any bacteria.


Once you’ve shocked your system, the next step is to bind any smaller debris together, so it’s easier to remove. Flocculant will do just that! Once it’s done, the debris will be much easier to remove and reduce any internal build up in your systems.


The last chemical to use in your list is an algaecide. This chemical will kill off any remaining algae or organic matter in your pool – readying you for the final step.

The Final Step: Cleaning Again

Once you’ve exhausted all the chemicals and organic matter removal, it’s time to get knuckle deep into your pool. The chemicals will remove and kill any living matter. However, you’ll still need to vacuum the pool floor to remove anything left over.

Now that you’ve done all that work, how do you prevent the water from turning green again? You’ve guessed it – keeping up with your cleaning and chemical balances each week. If you can stay on top of your general maintenance, you should be able to avoid the pool being overtaken by algae once more.

Looking For More Pool Advice? Contact Supreme Heating Today

Pool maintenance is important for all pool owners to keep their backyard oasis in tip-top condition. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of getting your pool ready for summer is ensuring it’s heated to an optimal temperature. We’re proud to offer a wide range of pool heating solutions – with options to suit every pool and every budget. Contact us today for more information!



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