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How to avoid exorbitant bills this summer


When the Australian summer temperatures are soaring, air conditioners and swimming pools can be absolute life savers. However, if you don’t have the right heating system for your specific pool and needs, they can leave a hole in your bank account and a queasy moment when your bill arrives.

This is a very common problem, but the fact is heating, and cooling make up approximately 45% of a home’s energy usage. Galaxy research recently reported that energy bills have increased for 60% of Australian households during the past 12 months, which has Aussies asking the question, “How can I lower my bills this summer?”

Here we talk about ways pool owners can lower their energy bills

1. Install Solar Pool Heating

We have a sun, why not use it? This option is at number one for a good reason. When trying to lower costs for swimming pools, you can’t go past solar pool heating. It is powered by the sun free solar energy, saving you a bucket, and making it the cheapest pool heating option.

2. Start using a Pool Blanket if you don’t already

Anyone that has done business with Supreme Heating know that we are huge advocates for pairing your solution with a pool blanket. It decreases water loss through evaporation, saving you money as it keeps the water in and decreases heat and chemical loss from your pool.

3. Negotiate with your energy retailer

The Australian energy market is saturated with competition which by extension gives the consumer fierce bargaining power. We recommend that anyone with an energy bill call their retailer to find out if they are getting the absolute best deal. Everything is up for negotiation and consumers should do just that and snap up deals and discounts.

4. Add any pool chemicals at night

Here is a little tip for you! By adding your chemicals after dark, you can slash your chemical costs by up to 50%. Why? Because the UV light in natural sunlight can degrade the chlorine during the day. If your levels are too low, the chlorine levels of your whole pool can be destroyed by sunlight in a matter of hours.

What’s more, by adding chemicals at night, this is when you will need to run your pump and filter too. Electrical tariffs are cheaper at night (especially in summer), therefore further reducing your energy costs.

5. Cut back any pesty trees or plants over the pool

It is a good idea to cut any overhanging branches. Debris such as leaves, and bark can really throw off your pools chemical balance and diminishes chlorine levels. It can also block up the filter and strainer causing your system to work in overdrive. Less debris means that your filter and chemicals don’t need to work so hard.

6. Only use Electric and Gas pumps when pool is in use (if you need to)

If you do not have solar pool heating and your pool is heated using fossil fuel heaters, there is little point to heat your pool in low use times (eg: through the week if you only use it on the weekends) If you lower the thermostat by several degrees this will cut costs.

However, if you do have solar, the same rules need not apply as the running costs are very low.

We hope this helps in your endeavor to lower your energy costs. If you have any great tips, we would love to hear them, email [email protected]. If you are considering switching to solar pool heating or upgrading your current system, please contact one of our friendly representatives on 1300 787 978.


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