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A Quick Fix Guide to Common Pool Problems


There are over 1.1 million pools in Australia alone and we anticipate this number to keep rising.. quickly. But we do know that owning a pool requires a bit of work. There are a bunch of common pool problems that can pop up and have you scratching your head on how to fix them.
To make your life as a pool owner or user easier, we have thrown together the most common pool problems and ways to combat them.

Green Algae

Issue: Algae is a common pool nuisance that generally infests in pools that lack chlorine and poorly maintained. It can result in many water related illnesses. When you see this issue arise, go into fix it mode because this pesty pool issue loves to get bad quickly.

Solution: Use a pool brush to vigorously scrub any pool surfaces covered in algae, including the walls, floors, and steps. Apply a green algaecide according to the directions on the label. Let the water circulate for 24 hours, then brush the pool surfaces again. Vacuum or backwash to remove any remaining dead algae.

Clogged Pool Filter

Issue: In order to keep your pool water looking pristine, your pool uses a filter to circulate the water and keep the bad stuff out. If you don’t clean your pool regularly, dirt, leaves and debris can clog up your pool filter and render it useless.

Solution: If your pool suddenly has a collection of dirt, leaves and debris, a clogged filter is likely the culprit. To fix this problem, clean out the filter and continue to do this regularly to avoid it happening again in the future.

High or Low pH levels

Issue: Unbalanced pools can lead to long list of further problems. Low pH water can cause the erosion of grout, stone, concrete and tiling. On the flip side, high pH levels can result in bacteria forming which can cause eye, throat and skin irritation.

Solution: Invest in a pool testing kit. Test kits measure 4 important chemical levels. Using the testing kit is fairly straightforward. First, retrieve a sample of your pool’s water, from around 18 inches below the surface of your pool to ensure an accurate reading. Using the supplied kit instructions, add the specified amounts of reagent or indicator solution to your water sample. Next, shake the test tube to mix the reagent and water sample. Your water sample will turn a certain shade, which you can compare to the testing chart and assess the chemical levels in the water.

Cloudy Pool Water

Issue: There are three main causes of a cloudy pool. A clogged filter, the environment or pool chemicals. The pool filter is cleans your pool and without it, you’re left with cloudy water. The environment can also contribute to cloudy pool water. This includes people, weather, birds, trees and plants, and pool algae. Excessive levels of pool chemicals can also result in murky water. Large amounts of pH, high alkalinity and a lot of calcium hardness can all cause this issue to arise.

Solution: By taking the following steps, you should be able to eliminate cloudy water in your pool.

1. Clean your pool filter. Replace if necessary
2. Check your pH and TA levels
3. Balance free chlorine levels
4. Remove algae
5. Correct calcium hardness levels
6. Clean out foreign particles and mineral deposits
7. Scrub and vacuum up the pool
8. Eliminate ammonia

Noticeable change in water levels

Issue: You may notice that your pool volume has changed. If your water drops by 12mm or less per day, this could just be evaporation. 12mm to 25mm per day loss could be due to the pools active bather load but the one you need to worry about is if your pool looks like it is dropping 25mm or more per day, you could have a leak in your pool.

Solution: If your water is dropping by under 25mm per day, a good solution could be investing in a pool cover. But if you suspect your pool may have a leak you need to get in touch with a pool professional right away.

Thank you for reading and we hope that this quick fix guide to common pool problems comes in handy for you while maintaining your backyard investment. When problems arise with your pool, as frustrating as it is, they need to be quickly rectified so that you experience the knock on effect.

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