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8 Must-Haves for Your Next Pool Party


As we reach the heart of summer, plenty of us are looking to make the most of our pools. A pool party is that perfect excuse to get all your friends and family over, whether there’s a special occasion or whether you’re just looking to enjoy the bright sun. To help you prepare for your next big poolside bash, we’ve put together a few of the essentials you need to put together a party everyone will remember.

This blog is a guide to the key must-haves for any great pool party. To equip your pool with all the pumps, covers, and accessories needed to entertain company, reach out to Supreme Heating today.


It might seem like a drag to kick things off with safety tips, but spending your day out in the Australian sun can run a high risk. Start your party off right and ensure that you’ve got plenty of top-quality sunscreen on deck, especially if you’re going to be swimming and spending hours without the added layers to keep the harsh rays off your skin. Keep the sunscreen passing around your guests throughout the day, and everyone will be endlessly grateful. Nobody wants to spend the next week bright red and peeling!

A Summer Playlist

There’s nothing quite like a day outside with your friends, matching up some great company with some great tunes. As you prep for your next big get-together, crafting the perfect playlist of summer hits is going to be essential. You’d hate to be ducking back and forth to your phone to queue up songs all day, after all – plan ahead and schedule out everyone’s favourite party songs, or do some quick searching and find a pre-made mix to do all the work for you.

Cold Refreshments

This one’s a no-brainer. What’s a pool party without some chilled drinks waiting by the poolside? Making sure you stock up on plenty of refreshments for your guest is essential, but so is making sure that you have the means to keep everything ice-cold in the summer sun. Whether it’s making space in your fridge or investing in a cool box, it’s important to have a game plan for how you’re going to keep your stock of drinks cool. And always leave extra space – you never know who might bring a few more refreshments of their own along!

Great Catering

Similarly, planning for a great pool party involves some thinking ahead in terms of food. The last thing you need is to be stuck with all your guests over, suddenly realising that you’ve drastically under catered. Make sure you’re on top of everyone who’s going to be in attendance, any dietary preferences they have, and sort out all the food you need well ahead of the big day. Whether it’s an all-out barbeque or an assortment of snacks, get on top of it early and make sure everyone knows what to expect. Our top tip? Get everyone to bring along something to share! It’s all a lot easier if you share the load.

Dry Spots to Lounge

Most pool parties aren’t spent entirely in the water. Make sure you’ve got plenty of spots for your guests to lounge, chat, and dry off after they’ve come back from a swim. Plus, if you’ve got some shade to offer as well, that would undoubtedly be appreciated! Having a spot set aside for everyone to escape the sun and enjoy each other’s company will make the day all the more enjoyable.

Pest Protection

This one is particularly important if your party is going to stretch into the late afternoon, or if it’s an evening event. Pesky pests like mosquitoes can cause a real issue for outdoor parties, so it’s best to come prepared! Have lots of protectant spray on hand, or maybe even invest in an automatic system to fend off bugs in your outdoor area. Your guests will no doubt be glad to leave the party unbitten.

Games and Inflatables

Entertainment is a huge factor for any great party. Pool inflatables, games, or even just blow-up balls for some water polo or volleyball can make the hours fly by – and often, you can find them pretty cheap. Pop down to your local shops to see what low-cost hidden entertainment gems you can uncover!

The Perfect Pool

Pretty obvious, right? If you’re looking to throw a pool party, no doubt you’ve got the pool part covered already. However, there are a few things involved in making sure your pool is fit to entertain all your friends and family. Ensuring that your pool is equipped to stay at a comfortable temperature is vital if you want to start inviting more and more people over to come enjoy the water.

Fitting your pool with heat pumps and covers makes it so that your pool is enjoyable for everyone (not just those brave enough to jump into freezing temperatures!), and allows your pool to be ready for parties across a wider range of weathers and seasons. Let your pool parties go on well beyond just that prime summer season by investing into the little things, allowing you to get all the more use out of your own backyard.

Call Supreme Heating to Get Your Pool Party Ready

A great pool party always comes down to a great pool. If you’re looking to make the most of your pool, keeping it prepared to host all your loved ones for as much of the year as possible, then keeping it at the perfect temperature is essential.

At Supreme Heating, we know just how to fit your pool out with all the equipment needed to keep it party ready. Contact our team today to enquire about our covers, heat pumps, and everything else we have to offer for your next summer bash.


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