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6 Tips to Prepare Your Pool Before a Storm


If you’re a pool owner, chances are your pool has weathered a storm or two in its time. Then you’ve had to deal with the dreaded clean-up afterwards, which is never fun for you (doing the cleaning) or the kids (doing the complaining the pool isn’t ready to use yet)! Luckily, there are steps you can take before the storm arrives that will lessen the amount of damage done, and therefore reduce the amount of time you’ll need to clean (and listen to complaints).

This blog shows you how to prepare your pool for a storm in 6 easy steps, so you and your family can get as much out of it as possible when the clouds part. For further information or personalised advice, reach out to our team at Supreme Heating today.

Pool Prep Steps

No matter the material your pool is made from, or its size or location, it’s going to need a little work to prepare it for a storm. After all the work you’ve put into keeping your pool clean, it’s definitely best to reduce the amount of damage a storm can do to your pool and your yard in general. Taking these steps will ease your mind so the calm before the storm can last until said storm rolls out of town.

1. Don’t Drain Your Pool

Draining your pool before a storm is actually one of the worst ways to approach it! A drained pool is easier for wind to pick up and shake it off its foundations, bulge, split, or even pop up out of the ground. The water in it will hold it down so even though the water won’t be fresh and clean, at least your pool is still a) structurally sound and b) in its place. If a large amount of rain is forecast, you can minimise the risk of overflow by lowering the water level slightly and closing the skimmer.  

2.Secure Loose Items

This is to protect not only your pool, but also your yard, outdoor furniture, and in cases of severe storms, maybe your neighbours’ yards too. If you have space in the house, garage, or shed, move any outdoor equipment inside. If you don’t have the space to spare, tie items down to keep them from blowing away. Items you’ll need to bring in or tie down include things like:

  • Lounges
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Umbrellas
  • Pool toys
  • Pool equipment
  • Other outdoor toys
  • Container plants

3. Turn Off the Power

A storm can really ruffle your pool equipment’s feathers. Whatever you use to power your pool, turn it off. The same goes for any pool lighting, heaters, chlorinators, and so on. Secure a tarp over pumps, time clocks, light transformers, electric heaters, and anything else you can’t remove, and disconnect them if need be.


4. Treat Her Right

Test your pool water to get a head start on the clean-up. If you need to, add extra chlorine, balancer, and algaecide to the pool in anticipation of what the storm can do to it. A storm will bring uninvited pollutants to the party, and they’re exactly the kind of guests your pool doesn’t want! A granular pool shock will give your pool some additional club bouncers, kicking out dirt and germs before they can get in and do their damage.

5. Leave the Pool Cover Off

You may think it makes sense to cover your pool in case of a storm, so all that dirt and all those germs can’t get in in the first place. Right? Wrong— dirt and germs are easier to deal with than the alternative! High winds can send debris flying through the air which can tear your pool cover off. And even if your pool cover stays in place, it’s much harder to clean the cover than the pool itself.

6. Trim Trees

Tree limbs are prone to breaking off during strong winds, and these can easily end up in your pool and damaging it. While you can’t go around removing every branch, pruning dead or overgrown tree limbs is a great way to minimise the risk. Once you’ve pruned, make sure you keep the cut branches secure by either storing them in a garage or shed, or tying them down to something solid.

Need More Tips?

We hope this blog has helped you prepare for the next storm that comes your way! At Supreme Heating we’re big on safety in every area when it comes to pools, so if you have further questions, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly team today for additional advice.



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