Energy Efficient Pool Heating Options: Pool Heat Pumps

Energy Efficient Pool Heating Options: Pool Heat Pumps

Want to swim all year round in Melbourne or Sydney? If you do, you’ll need something more than solar pool heating and, for that, it’s difficult to look past a heat pump. Though the purchase price might act as a deterrent to some, project the running costs out over a few years and it will soon pay for itself when compared to the gas equivalent.

A pool heat pump works by extracting ambient heat from the air. This heat is transferred into a refrigerant gas, which is then pumped through a compressor and becomes very hot. It is forced into the condenser coil and, when pool water passes through the condenser, the heat is transferred. As a heat pump converts the outside air into heat, it will have to work harder in lower temperatures and working harder means lower efficiency and therefore higher running costs to achieve the same outcome.

Of course, the running costs themselves depend how often you want to use your pool. A good way to keep them down is to keep your pool covered with a thermal blanket when not in use. That reduces the water and heat evaporation from your pool and means you won’t have to run the heating for as long.

Heat pumps are extremely efficient. Supreme Heating’s Heatseeker Vortex Inverter can reach a maximum coefficient of performance (COP) of 11.0—which means that for every unit of electricity it needs to run the compressor, it produces 11 units of heat. That’s very impressive, and a Heatseeker VortexPro Inverter can do better still. It can deliver a COP of 15.0!

If you’d like more information on heat pumps and some help to choose the right size, call Supreme Heating on 1300 787 978.

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